Going to bed early and waking up at 5:30 to get in the habit for the new job schedule.

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@paul_clarke @vinkjohn Khmer Rouge Prison Guards: "Okay, now this one do a silly face 🙂"

The biggest problem isn't the "insulting victims of communism" or whatever but the weird altering of photos past colorization.

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Do I poo poo on Vice or make a tfw no communist genocide victim gf meme

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As time goes on, the biological world becomes

Interesting. Wonder if it is culturally learned or evolved behavior to be blind to Chesterton fences.

Really fuzzy on this so probably a lot of wrong details:

Does anyone remember that observatory or whatever that got shut off to the public, and then the feds were brought in, and they wouldn't tell anyone anything and it was all hush and weird? I want to say end of '19?

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would you rather pass on genetic but not cultural heritage or vice versa

It's officially white boy summer now. Thank you @JODYHiGHROLLER and @Yelawolf 🙏

Completely skips the msm saying no masks, jumps straight to the anti maskers

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HBO doc bashing the Wuhan lab leak origin theory but now it's mainstream again. #21 on HN right now.

Oh God the q anon doc is getting into cicada 3301

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Imagine the second panel but it's lawyer cat.

Video game idea: it's like DDR or Guitar Hero, but it's you facing a mic and camera, seeing yourself as lawyer cat, and having to present argument in otherwise realistic court. twitter.com/ThatsMauvelous/sta

Been reading the history of Texas the past week.

This is pretty ill advised.
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Texas Republican Party chairman Allen West falsely says Texas could secede from the US: "We could go back to being our own Republic" cnn.it/3t7nZ2L

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@cheascake @eggprophet @NLRG_ > 500 follower celebration


suddenly i find myself pondering a deep question about the nature of 500 follower celebrations

(also congrats on growing up so fast :D)

Tried four minutes tonight since the referenced study suggested 3-5.

4 was too long. Felt less intense, less enjoyable, work out seemed quite a bit longer, easier to lose focus.
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How long are we resting between sets mostly gentlemen and some ladies twitter.com/lolitsnotreal_/sta

Lifts have steadily improved across the board, body comp over the past year has leaned out, everything is great


Pull ups.

I refuse to be defeated by these but seriously fuck them.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one