this pattern is a manifestation of the same command hierarchy bias that drives the conspiratorial impulse; people tend to privilege explanations of phenomena with a single agentic actor over epiphenomenal explanations where it emerges from the behavior of many independent actors
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a pattern i've noticed with some loud blockchain critics:

if something about the system isn't ideal or they don't like it, they of…

the command hierarchy bias is a useful metabolic optimization, as very many phenomena can indeed be accurately explained in this way

but it becomes incoherent when there isn't a central authority from which causation flows

decentralized systems are not explainable in this way

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there's certainly good arguments that can be made regarding how decentralized "crypto" really is based on funding structures and resource imbalances, but the nature of the technology is such that there simply is not any one party capable of unilaterally enacting changes

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many crypto-skeptics miss that a significant contingent of the crypto ecosystem is values-driven & as such is prone to engaging in apparently suboptimal behavior, as their optimization window is much longer term than one would expect for the profit-driven

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I posit that the divergence is one of values and theory of change, specifically in how one envisions the relationship between the two. does change flow from values?…

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there are many valid criticisms of the crypto ecosystem, many of which I agree with (such as the hypecycle nature of the + web3 wave, the speculative nature of most image NFTs, & the immaturity of the end-user UX & onboarding/security flows)

but a grift that doesn't make

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