TIL that there is a "daily limit" for tweets. i can't tweet nor retweet.

even worse, for some reason my DMs stopped working.

lowkey suspect that its because i added a link to my blog. but the again i actually have been tweeting a lot this week

it doesn't look like my account has been banned nor shadow banned. but it deeply bothers me

makes me regret not posting as much on mastodon

the main problem rn is that most of the people i'm interested in are on twitter and i have no clue how to encourage them to migrate

(i mean like, i myself am not exempt from this shit lol)

maybe we should make meme bots to get people to come and stay?

good news is that i'm using the time to focus on longform writing (was going to do so anyways, but now i have a twitter corporation made distraction blocker)

i keep forgetting that toots are longer than tweets. my writing has definitely gotten more short and snappy and this is a good thing.

but i don't need to make each point into a tweet/toot

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