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This account posts short excerpts from C.G. Jung's "Red Book", Liber Novus. I may also boost other Red Book-related toots from time to time. Follow along if you'd like a snippet of Jung's active imagination on a roughly daily frequency.

On the higher levels of insight into divine thoughts, you recognize that the sequence of words has more than one valid meaning. Only to the all-knowing is it given to know all the meanings of the sequence of words. Increasingly we try to grasp a few more meanings. - LS, p. 17 3/3

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But men strive to assign only a single meaning to the sequence of words, in order to have an unambiguous language. This striving is worldly and constricted, and belongs to the deepest layers of the divine creative plan. - LS, p. 17 🧵 2/3

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You must know one thing above all: a succession of words does not have only one meaning. - LS, p. 17 🧵 1/3

How, then, do you read this holy book? Do you really always see only one and the same meaning in it? - LS, p. 16

Surely you know that one can read a book many times--perhaps you almost know it by heart, and nevertheless it can be that, when you look again at the lines before you, certain things appear new or even new thoughts occur to you that you did not have before. Every word can work productively in your spirit. - LS, p. 16

What I believed about the soul has to become true here, namely that she knows her own way better, and that no intention can prescribe her a better one. I feel that a large chunk of science has been broken off. - LS, n. 44

Yes, it is the in-between world, the pathless, the manifold-dazzling. I forgot that I had reached a new world, which had been alien to me previously. I see neither way nor path. - LS, n. 44

I went into the inner death and saw that outer dying is better than inner death. And I decided to die outside and to live within. For that reason I turned away and sought the place of the inner life. - LS, p. 15

One who becomes grows aware of life, whereas one who simply exists never will, since he is in the midst of life. He needs the heights and singleness to become aware of life. But in life he becomes aware of death. And it is good that you become aware of collective death, since then you know why your singleness and your heights are good. - LS, p. 15

You saw that it was the life of the whole and the death of each individual. You felt yourself entwined in the collective death, from death to the earth's deepest place, from death in your own strangely breathing depths. Oh -- you long to be beyond; despair and mortal fear seize you in this death that breathes slowly and streams back and forth eternally. - LS, p. 14

You had thought that your movement came from you and that it needed your decisions and efforts, so that you could get going and make progress. But with every conceivable effort you would never have achieved that movement and reached those areas to which the sea and the great wind of the world brought you. - LS, p. 14

You think you are standing still like swamp water, but slowly you flow into the sea that covers the earth's greatest deeps, and is so vast that firm land seems only an island imbedded in the womb of the immeasurable sea. - LS, p. 14

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In the depths, being is not an unconditional persistence but an endlessly slow growth. - LS, p. 14

To be that which you are is the bath of rebirth. - LS, p. 14

He who suffers from riddles should take thought of his lowest condition; we solve those riddles from which we suffer, but not those which please us. - LS, p. 14 # CGJung

We do not love the condition of our being brought low, although or rather precisely because only there do we attain clear knowledge of ourselves. - LS, p. 14

Your heights are your own mountain, which belongs to you and you alone. There you are individual and live your very own life. - LS, p. 14

At your low point you are no longer distinct from your fellow beings. - LS, p. 13

Be respectful and know that your best has become a horror, with that you save yourself and others from useless torment. - LS, p. 13

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