I don't want to be mean to a show I really enjoyed, but you can see the seams at the start of season two where they changed their mind about what they were doing.

Or maybe they had the broad strokes, but hadn't worked out the details?

Either way, you can see it.

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The character design seemed unusual compared to other anime. Everyone was very tall and thin.

It really only reminds me of one other show...

(Double checks.)

Same studio that did _Escaflowne_. I shouldn't be surprised.

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I was a bit spoilered on the ending, because I saw the name of the sequel movie.

I pondered the nature of tragedy as I was watching this. To be a true tragedy, the hero's comeuppance must come as a result of his flaws.

But, of course, Lelouch _won_.

(Compare to _Death Note_.)

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All the Pizza Hut product placement was removed from the version of season one that's on Netflix, but they left it in in season two.

I'm glad to see you can still get pizza delivery in a war zone.

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My summaries had to cut hard, and even then were more posts per episode than some shows.

I cut out discussion of some of the secondary characters, like Nina and Milly, and they deserve better than that. The C and D teams and C and D plots were still great.

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I wasn't sure about the soft reset at the start of season two at first, but it was really interesting to contrast Lelouch's approach when his identity was secret from when it was known to his enemies and his every move had to be cloaked.

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Did you want redheads? We've got both a Japanese character whose red hair is symbolic of her fiery passion, and an actual ginger!

Damn, but Shirley got done dirty though.

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Now there are lots of anime that are war stories with mecha. And there are lots that are romance story set in high school revolving around the student council.

But only Code Geass has the vision to be both at once.

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So, that's the show.

What's my takeaway?

Well, it's no surprise this in the top 20 anime of all time on MyAnimeList.

It's really good. Absolutely recommend.

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Kallen gets the epilogue. We see her running late for school, toast in her mouth, as if this were some kind of anime.

All the energy that used to go to war now goes to ending poverty and improving people's lives.

The End.

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To make a peaceful world where people could be kind to one another.

Lelouch's last words, that only Nunnaly can hear: I destroy the world and remake it anew.

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Zero is played by Suzaku. This is their plan: Zero Requiem. To focus all the world's hate on one man, then remove him.

They have planned this from Charles' death.

Lelouch falls down to Nunnaly's feet. She is shocked to realize that this was always the plan.

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Two months later, Lelouch is attending the execution of his enemies. Nunnaly is chained at his feet. All the world hates him.

Suddenly, along his route, Zero appears! With lighting speed, he breaks past the guards, disarms Lelouch and plunges a sword through his heart.

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All Lelouch has to do to win is throw away the last thing that ever caused him to pause, use his geass on Nunnaly, and take the Damocles Key.

But will he cross the Rubicon?


Lelouch becomes emperor of the world.

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Lelouch breaks into the Damocles, properly predicts Schneizel's plan, and geasses him.

But Schneizel doesn't have the detonator for the annihilation bombs. Nunnaly does.

Lelouch has to confront her.

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The Britannian homeland is in disarray. Lelouch cannot requisition more troops on a reasonable timeframe.

That means this is the decisive battle. Lelouch and his current force vs the Black Knights and Schneizel's Damocles.

Winner take all. The entire world.

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Then the capital of Britannia is vaporized. The floating fortress, Damocles, is loaded with annihilation bombs.

Schneizel and Cornelia never returned to the homeland, but they give Lelouch a call to contest his authority. They have an alternative candidate.

It's Nunnaly.

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Britannia applies to join the UFN.

This won't work. Votes in the UFN are apportioned by population. If Britannia joins, it will have a majority. To join is to conquer.

Lelouch asks politely, but with Suzaku and the Lancelot pointing its weapons at the delegates.

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One month later, the emperor of Britannia is set to make a public address.

But everyone is shocked that the emperor is not Charles, but Lelouch.

Suzaku is with him. Lelouch has declared him to be Knight Zero, the knight before other knights.

Geass guarantees acknowledgement.

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They justify abandoning their own children by looking forward to a reunification in the collective unconscious? Unacceptable.

Lelouch uses his geass on God itself. Not as a command, but simply a request.

The thought elevator collapses, and Charles disintegrates.

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