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What to expect from this account 

I have this account to bitch about things I hate, gush about things I love, and snark about things I think are stupid.

Also, I boost things I think are insightful, outrageous, or funny.

Good luck guessing which is which.

I cross post my own posts and threads from Twitter, but not RTs, QTs, or replies to other people.

I tend to livetoot(?) my viewing of anime.

Some day we're going to have to give all the loanwords back, and english is going to collapse like a house of cards.

a huge formative experience happened when I was 16. I was brought into my mother’s office and hired to compell a guy to use his computer who was refusing to use his computer, and exclusively used his IBM selectric.

First up, the guy was an unlikable jerk. However, first thing he does when I get there is refuse to even talk to me about the situation until AFTER I read The Invisible Computer by Donald Norman.

It’s a good book I cannot summarise in the 50 characters I have left in this post

Idk who needs to hear this but "Lone Wolf" assassin's don't hide their intentions and delusions behind encrypted iCloud accounts and impenetrable firewalls on their lappy.

They write rambling manifestos. Make lengthy wild eyed vlogs staring directly in the camera. Create hundreds or thousands of posts and replies on the internet bemoaning the target of their obsession.

Crazed political extremists don't keep their persuasions clandestine. They tell the whole fuckin' world. Anybody who'll listen.

Do you post to a non-fediverse social network in addition to posting to the fediverse? Please boost for reach (or not, I can't tell you what to do)

everybody wants to be good at programming but nobody wants to suck at programming for 5 years so they can be good at programming

"How does AI impact my job as a programmer?":

This is a brilliant piece told from the perspective of a Computer Science teacher.

It really hits in all the right places and mirrors a lot of my issues.

I appreciate the pragmatic approach of not fighting but letting folks see how it fails on interesting problems.

The article does not hesitant to point the finger back at the programming culture itself.

hackers, in fiction: trying to take control of other people’s devices and steal their data

hackers, in reality: trying to take control over their own devices and prevent others from getting their own data

infohazard heuristic: if it gets over 20 reblargs and updoots it's a psyop

If AI was really as good at satisfying literary whims as some claim, I would even now be holding in my hands a copy of Shakespeare's _þe Lamentable Tragedie of Saruman þe White_.

most guitarists only know three chords and the truth. guitars georg, who knows all the chords, is an outlier and should not be counted.

Q: Where can I find old API documentation on your website?
A: Those APIs are obsolete and should no longer be used. Use the latest documentation only.
Q: How can I migrate my code to the new APIs when I can't check the old documentation?
A: ...

The reason why catgirls dislike Java, is because they have vertical pupils, and thus need to rotate their head 90 degrees to take in the long class names.

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"The United States is also a one-party state, but with typical American extravagance, they have two of them"

Hi friends,

The alt text library project needs a new leader, I have brain cancer.

I built a working, scalable, proof of concept library of shared alt text with fuzzy matching.

I'd like to connect with the #accessibility dev community. I want to hand the project off to a team or a leader if anyone is willing to take it over.

WIP MVP: a site designed for writing alt text with a private library:

Boosts appreciated

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