People may say that Elves in middle earth are psychic. This is not correct.

All thinking minds in middle earth may directly examine each other. The rise of language makes this a less practiced skill.

Anyone who does not wish to be read psychically may close their mind at will.

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But over the weekend when Rin tries out a new campsite and has to cut out a campfire due to the fees and is relying on cup ramen... Well, when Nadeshiko shows up with a bag of fresh veggies and suggests they make a hot pot, that's not too bad.

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Rin sees their trouble and tries to dodge them, but her friend Ena Saitou goes to help them and Rin's cover is blown.

Rin is not interested in joining the Outdoor Activities Club; she's a solo camper and doesn't want to lose her alone time.

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Nadeshiko has caught the camping bug, so she seeks out the Outdoor Activities Club. There she meets Aoi Inuyama and Chiaki Oogaki.

Now is the winter of our discount tent.

That is, they have a super cheap tent and try to set it up in the courtyard. One of the poles breaks.

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Nadeshiko has just moved here and does not remember her new phone number. Also, she left her mobile phone at home by accident.

She does remember her sister's number, and borrows Rin's phone for a rescue call.

Before she leaves, she gives Rin her number.

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At only 5C (41F) out, it's a bit chilly, and Rin reluctantly starts a campfire. (A narrator gives useful tips.)

When night falls, Nadeshiko appears, seriously freaked out. She fall asleep after biking out here and is too afraid to go home at night.

Rin gives her some food.

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We really open with Rin Shima on her heavily laden bike riding to Mt. Fuji. She passes Nadeshiko Kagamihara, who is sleeping in a bus stop.

It's getting into fall, and Rin has the campsite to herself. She sets up her pup tent on the beach and sits down to read a book.

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We open on our five girls, roasting marshmallows over and open fire and drinking cocoa. One suggests a group photo.

The opener is pretty standard. Flashes of the characters doing things, cut with camping gear and campsites.

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Rated Cozy/10 by the online anime community, this is the show you keep in reserve for when your spirits need lifting.

It's a club show about camping.

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The Roman Empire was controlled and dominated from its most important city, Rome.

By analogy, I live in the New Yorkian empire.

If you're not failing regularly, you're not working on things that push your limits.

Old: Right-wingers calling everything they don't like 'Critical Race Theory'

Bold: Left-wingers calling everything they do like 'Critical Race Theory'

Think I dropped the ball on my interview today.


Alternative is to just keep working where I am, which is pretty good.

I'm mostly just annoyed that I didn't do a great job on one of the questions.

Trying to refind something.

I saw a rant once (on a blog maybe,) that claimed that Chomsky's language theories had been a disaster for the creation of programming language parsers, ushering in a dark age of bad tooling that we are only now emerging from.

Anyone have a link?

To say that a setting Has Magic is to say that there is a locus of power that resides inside an individual.

If it was inside a tool, it would be technology.

The Retrocausal Oblivion Bomb destroys its target throughout history so that they never existed.

You've never heard of it because after the Time War, the inventor used it on himself.

Terribly tempted to add Wojacks to my retrospective slides.

Other are making Megathreads.

Where they zig, I shall zag:

Introducing: the microthread!

(This is it. Just this post.)

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a Schelling point for those who seek one