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What to expect from this account 

I have this account to bitch about things I hate, gush about things I love, and snark about things I think are stupid.

Also, I boost things I think are insightful, outrageous, or funny.

Good luck guessing which is which.

I cross post my own posts and threads from Twitter, but not RTs, QTs, or replies to other people.

I tend to livetoot(?) my viewing of anime.

Just got my new glasses with that blue light filter and wow, I am not sure what to think.

My fedi feed is finally getting good enough that I am unfollowing the art reposter bots.

Earlier this year, I became aware of STANDARD EBOOKS, a donation-dependent group of edtiors and layout experts who have been doing the amazing work of taking out-of-copyright books, turning them into top-quality ebooks, and then releasing them for free.

Some of the books they've done are in the Internet Archive here:

They're seeking 75 patrons in December to keep themselves afloat, consider donating to this amazing cause.

If artistic *style* gets copyright-level protections, most of the styles will be owned by corporations within a generation, and there's a decent chance you'll end up needing to pay a licensing fee or something equally absurd to publish your own art.

Just, like, before you go driving that direction.

How long does copyright last? I'll use the UK as an example, other countries have similar laws:
- Written, dramatic, musical and artistic work: 70 years after the author's death
- Sound and music recording: 70 years after first publication
- Films: 70 years after the death of the director, screenplay author and composer
- Broadcasts: 50 years after first broadcast
- Layout of published editions of written, dramatic or musical works: 25 years from first publication
- Unpublished works from before 1988: until 2039. This includes, absurdly, things like medieval manuscripts, and vast swathes of the war museum's collection.

Who benefits from privatising our common history and culture? It's certainly not the small-time artist, and it's often not the family of the successful novelist, rather most of all, it's the holding companies that copyright ends up being sold to.

We would like to remind everyone that none of Torment Nexus products are *covert* surveillance devices.

The more I look at #webdev as a not-full-time practitioner, the more I start to appreciate what I think of as the #indieweb position:

The basic document structure of the web is #HTML.

The basic layout engine is #CSS.

The more that a framework leverages these things directly--puts them in front of code authors and also expresses them clearly in its output, the better it is.

The more a framework hides or misrepresents them or doesn't engage with their semantics, the worse it is.

Do y’all remember that time that someone discovered facial recognition cameras couldn't see through Juggalo makeup, then Facebook had a fun “see what you'd look like with Juggalo makeup” thing, and then facial recognition cameras could suddenly see through Juggalo makeup?

How Is the Effective Altruism movement related to LessWrong's Rationality?

Fundamentally: EA is the application of LW's ideas to charity.

Coincidentally: Some people overlap, but no fundamental link.

Unrelated: unrelated

Intentionally typing � {REPLACEMENT CHARACTER}

Or, a font without that character.


I will say though that could absolutely not pull off what the actual real raspberry pi just did, satire has its limits

Mainstream media journalist: It's too hard to build an audience on Mastodon! I cross-post the same shouty posts and one-sentence slogans as I do on the fowl app, and they just get no traction here! It must be because it's just too complicated for people to read posts from other instances or something!

Me: Okay, do you follow many interesting people here?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you reply to posts and engage with other people?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you like and share many other people's posts?

Journo: No.

Me: Do you post anything interesting, insightful or funny? Or just shouty denouncements?

Journo: Oh, I don't just cross-post shouty posts and slogans — I also do self-promotion! Subscribe now to read my latest article!

Me: Could the problem be that you've relied entirely on an algorithm that's fine-tuned to incite people by distributing the most provocative content widely to generate ad views? That the core issues are that you don't engage, contribute little to the online community, and share little content of real value and substance? That you're essentially no different to the social media bullies you so often denounce in your paywalled articles?

Journo: No. The problem isn't me, the problem is Mastodon!

#TwitterMigration #Twitter #Mastodon

MySQL: loyal to a fault, would rather be nice than right, gets along with most everyone but talks a little bit too much about collation in mixed company, believes in the conspiracy theory that there was a date 0000-00-00 that ISO-8601 is just hiding from us.

Postgres: gives you the honest criticism you need, impeccable grammar, harder to get to know, sometimes can't hang out because it's busy vacuuming. calls columns "attributes" because that's what its parents always said at home.

Apple has finally killed its ill-conceived plan to scan photos for CSAM. This is a direct result of work by experts and activists. Speaking up is important and sometimes we win.

Terrible people be like: <I'm unwelcoming. It keeps the bad people away. You can't have a good community if you let just anybody in.>

My dude, there are people saying that second sentence _about you_.

If I look into this restaurant and find out its line workers did NOT rise up against, overthrow and decapitate the management of a Burger King, I am gonna be pissed.

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