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What to expect from this account 

I have this account to bitch about things I hate, gush about things I love, and snark about things I think are stupid.

Also, I boost things I think are insightful, outrageous, or funny.

Good luck guessing which is which.

I cross post my own posts and threads from Twitter, but not RTs, QTs, or replies to other people.

I tend to livetoot(?) my viewing of anime.

She: But WHY are you breaking up with me? Please tell me honestly.
He (sigh): Ok It's...your "signature sex move"
She: Judgmental Corpse?

*whispers* most people don't care about decentralization and governance models, they just want someplace to hang out that's not a hassle.

meta subtoot 

seeing folk refer to "the original Mastodon app for "

my froods, the original Mastodon apps were all third-party. the "official" Mastodon apps are recent and not feature complete.

look around the ecosystem a bit - the "official" stuff your brain seeks is centralization talking. we roll differently over here.

Seen: "The YIMBY Weebs, Steelmanned"

I'd just like to appreciate this masterful tower of jargon.

I, of course, am the kind of clown that installs Lineage+MicroG and uses F-droid first, but no one will sell me a phone configured that way.

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Further thoughts on the Musk Phone:

Has anyone made an Android fork that wasn't locked to the Google Play store and even bothered to support it for a few years?

I think Amazon was going to have their own app store. How's that going.

There's a Chinese fork, I think. How's that?

Having run my own test mastodon server, I can tell you that boosting is REALLY important. That's how posts propagate between servers that are not federated together.

I may get a bit technical, and it can be hard to describe but it's something like this:

Let's say that you have 2 servers, A and B that are not connected. They have their own federated timelines that is vastly different.

let's assume they have their users @a@A and @b@B that are mutuals. If user @a@A sees something interesting on theirs federated timeline and boosts it, user @b@B will see that on their own home page. But more importantly server B will now know about and download that post, and everyone else on B server will be able to see that post on their own federated timeline!

And that's why you boost, guys! It helps posts to spread.


Azuka is going through a goth phase.

I live on a small instance so boosts are always appreciated 🙏
#art #fanart #digitalart #manga #anime #mastoart

HOT OLDER MEN in YOUR AREA want to know if YOU have been TOUCHING the THERMOSTAT.

Getting pretty sick of takes like: Elon Musk posted a meme, this is clearly the deepest his thought goes on the subject. This is why his takeover of Twitter is about me.

Get a grip.

Izumi, homeroom teacher and counselor, tries to increase discipline at school, but her meek personality makes this ineffective.

Nano and Hakuse buy snacks.

Izumi falls asleep while proctoring a test. Mai takes advantage of the opportunity to fool around.

Mai teases Yuuko more.

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How long until they realize Fediverse isn't what they want and write articles about the urgent need for moderation on these dangerous dark uncontrolled spaces?

I did a :blobcatpirate: on a textbook I already purchased as part of my tuition because the publisher's digital textbook was so unbelievably awful. No TAB accessibility, no keyboard shortcuts, buttons that shifted on each page, no text search on more than 1 page at a time, ECT.

It was a #WebDev nightmare.

I'm curious, how do you prefer to consume information online?

Would be amazing if you could boost for improved statistical rigour and all that jazz. #poll #content #information

@pee_zombie I'm curious; how much work is it to run this instance, and how much of it is technical vs social?

(Like, managing disk space or memory usage or updates vs responding to reports or whitelisting and blacklisting servers.)

Alice: If drag shows are grooming kids, than beauty pageants are too!

Bob: I'd be totally fine with destroying pageants, too.

Me: I'm ready for my cavity search.

Dentist: Don't call it that.

Timeline of a new Mastodon user:

Day 1: this sucks servers are confusing and why is my feed empty

Day 2: why is there no quote tweet this is dumb

Day 3: mastodon better make some changes if it wants to compete with tw_tter

Day 7: hm, people are really nice here

Day 10: loving the no ads and real conversations



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