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What to expect from this account 

I have this account to bitch about things I hate, gush about things I love, and snark about things I think are stupid.

Also, I boost things I think are insightful, outrageous, or funny.

Good luck guessing which is which.

I cross post my own posts and threads from Twitter, but not RTs, QTs, or replies to other people.

I tend to livetoot(?) my viewing of anime.

I continue to be surprised that new platform-level CSS features seem to be rolling out so fast that framework and library abstractions on top of CSS are having a hard time keeping up.

Feels unprecedented but it’s a huge vote in favor of Writing CSS as CSS in CSS.

@matt This provoked some writing, and it turns out I had at least a few things to say about patterns in Rust's governance:

I think I've learned that if programming languages have a leadership organization but isn't involved with any standards organization, the whole leadership team is pretty guaranteed to be rotten (whether corporate-corrupted, plain old shitty people, or both). See: Rust, Racket, Go, et al.

Ultimately this was the result of a shitty game of telephone leading to disastrous consequences. My over-reliance on backchannelling is what led to this game of telephone happening in the first place, which I will improve going forward.

In this case, none of this process was followed. To the best of my understanding, this is what happened:

1. Valve legal contacted Nintendo of America to ask "hey, what do you think about Dolphin?"
2. Nintendo replied to Valve "we think it's bad and also that it violates the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions" (note: nothing about violating copyright itself). Also "please take it down".
3. Valve legal takes it down and forwards NoA's reply to the Dolphin Foundation contact address.

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nintendo's really having a blast telling everyone to pirate their games! so far in the past couple of months, nintendo has:

- shut down the eshop for wii u/3ds
- issued a DMCA to lockpickRCM, preventing switch owners from legally obtaining keys needed for emulation (and it caused a switch emulator to shut down due to fears they'd be DMCA'd too)
- sent a new 3DS update that blocked all free methods of homebrewing the console
- and just recently, they told steam to take down the dolphin emulator

remember: pirating nintendo games is good.
(edit: fix'd some info!)

"The hot news that nobody sane has been waiting for"--the Windows XP activation algorithm has been solved, meaning anyone can generate an authentic XP activation code. (I find it's a wonderful "sweet spot" resource for VMs, old enough to run most '90s apps and new enough for the GPU support to do it well.)


stop behaviour: telling random people you’ve never interacted with before to caption their images

replace with behaviour: replying to their post with an image description

advantages: not hostile towards people legitimately unable to caption; sufficiently annoying for the others but impossible to criticise; provides immediate value to people struggling to make sense of the picture; provides an example for what a caption should look like for those who are new to the feature

As I awoke this morning from uneasy dreams I found that Google had replaced my authenticator app with an anus drawn by Kurt Vonnegut

In the retro gaming community, we don't say goodbye; we say "emu later". And I think that's beautiful.

oh my god people think the auto deletion after 2 years is another copycat trend in silicon valley

it's not

do you not read WHY a company got fined for GDPR violations?

GDPR mandates that you do this.

1st image, Discord GDPR fine:

GDPR info on highlighted issue

GDPR mandates that you do NOT store data for longer than is necessary. Auto deleting accounts is the easy way to fix all issues that might arise from this requirement.

People think it's just the right to be forgotten (i.e. delete my account please) and tracking protections, but it's so, so much more.


literally the only correct update Nintendo could've released for the 3DS was one which opened up the firmware at least a little more, and/or removed restrictions to playing games (I'm almost sure that there are still cross-region restrictions, and so removing them would be the correct option)

When a device is past its end of its lifecycle like that you don't lock it down more, you give people the tools to still re-use it

You're just making more E-waste otherwise

Literal Jesus fucking Christ

Nintendo: 3DS store closed, no more digital only games :)

Users: Well at least we can still mod our consoles, it's not like anyone is losing money, since we literally cannot buy these games anymo-

Nintendo: :)))

The #curl graph we always get to debate over. Number of *C mistakes* vs *non-C mistakes* among the existing 145 reported vulnerabilities. Updated with the latest 4 reports, and the LOC graph added as a comparison.

The four noble truths also work as a Hollywood tetrology:

* Suffering
* Suffering: Origins
* The Path to the Doom of Suffering
* The End of Suffering

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