the masculine urge to install linux on gf's laptop

the gender prediction model thingy doesn't account for voluntarily taking the test, which is obviously a female trait. you can all add 10% to your female score

"Every death a suicide", the motto of the Transhumanist Longevity Project and my latest black metal vinyl grab

*aella voice* if you happen to find yourself having abducted and planning to rape and murder a child is it unethical to not let the child write a goodbye note to the family?

I'm a 140 IQ transbian software engineer trapped in a 120 IQ cis male software engineer's body

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I learned how to read before I turned 2, but many children are capable of this and get sandbagged by the low expectations of their parents who see them as essentially an expensive pet and just sit around waiting for public school teachers to knock some socialization into them

and what is goatse, if not a rite of passage

Rationalism, aka "The only thing I can possibly achieve secure attachment to is reason"

Postrationalism, aka "Huh, maybe this isn't ideal"

still haven't healed from my capital T Trauma (watching The Truman Show at the age of 9)

all that's standing between me and a subjective sense of well-being is late onset unipolar mania

Extended heat wave got my utilities expenses through the roof, call that a pay mo' bill

There is no God but Shulgin and Doblin is his messenger
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The implications of the existence of MDMA are huge. Amazing that something like this exists.

I get it even more now, @nickcammarata. I GET IT. Thank you!

Endless boundless possibilities. I'm excited for the future of humanity.

im not a sociopath im just an autist eating my shadow

Self awareness and its consequences have been a disaster for the autist race
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I'm going to be That Autistic Guy and assert that everyone who is dating is ALWAYS conducting a statistical analysis of their partner to determine if they're worthy of continuing the relationship.

Non autists don't understand what they're doing / do it subconsciously.

back in my day schizo autists spent their time coding the third temple of jerusalem, not updating their mental worldmodel according to planet movements


being forced to learn how to navigate this type of shit is the silver lining of growing up in the balkans
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Woke culture discriminates against autistic people who don't like rules that are implicit, inconsistent, and unquestionable.

type of guy that emigrates to the US for the singular reason that adderall is legal

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a Schelling point for those who seek one