can you say money laundering?
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Two Chinese streamers sold 18 billion RMB (about $3B) worth of goods in a half-day livestream yesterday.


That's almost as much as Twitter's annual revenue ($3.72B).

they’re also incredibly annoying to everyone else. their orbiters tend to be benign enviers who want what they have but cannot achieve
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Couples who both have twitter accounts and mostly use them to flirt with/annoy each other daily have discovered the secret to life, I think

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Every town in the nation needs one of these.

We should paste it over that stupid Ellis Island poem

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I describe the history of pro-scarcity Malthusians in Apocalypse Never

Since World War II, the pro-scarcity activists have hidden their anti-abundance agenda behind the mask of concern for nature

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Germany, Sweden, the US and other nations replaced their nuclear plants with fossil fuels, contributing to global energy supply shortages

As a result, what turned out to be “dangerous and expensive” wasn’t nuclear, it was Greta Thunberg & her anti-nuclear climate movement

it’s always really rich to me whenever people debate about race in ivy league schools. you have this totally contrived feud between old money and new money, a fake struggle to help you keep ignoring the reality that you’re disconnected from poor talented people.

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as far as I’m concerned going to Yale has you poised to win if you have anything of value to bring at all.

I would be a billionaire by now if I attended Yale out of school. Nobody even cares to talk about people like me though. Says a lot about the game.
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He’s Asian, so getting into Yale was hard mode. YC was nothing when he did it. And his company was literally nothing when he started it.

You really need to distinguish be…

they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work
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So interesting how news outlets will provide both 1.) a laughably tendentious and distorted description of what happened and 2.) an embedded video that shows what actually happened

I hope everyone understands that they will be riding this shit like ruth gayder binsburg. nothing disclosed until the day he dies
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"I don't know what to do with my hands"

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I just assume all European startups are made by Ukrainian CS nerds who moved to London

since we work as guards for a DC primarily dealing with mcdonalds: hb asked what “10:1 beef” is.

I informed him it was 1 part ground chuck, 10 parts that monster from torchwood that grows back double for every piece of meat you cut off.


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if i were in that movie it woulda been called broke ass mountain

most negative changes in UX amount to kicking sands in someone’s face.

if UI developers were more self-aware they would understand that. the worst they can be to everyone is an asshole, nothing more.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one