For anyone wondering it's when the camera takes up a little bit of screen space at the top.

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It was surprisingly hard to find out what "notch" means in the context of laptops, because the Google results were full of articles talking about how the new MacBook has it without explaining what is is, and the image results were just a bunch of normal-looking laptops

Men will literally make hundreds of people play a series of extremely lethal games for their amusement instead of going to therapy.

Desperately need @Ada_Palmer to write a full cycle of books adapting Norse mythology.

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The evil grothendieck construction (straightening)

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It was a dirty job, he thought, but somebody had to do it.

As he walked away, he wondered who that somebody might be.

Pleased to report that the Good Omens TV series is in fact good

*Checks the "I have received a covid-19 vaccination" box*

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Exposing myself to low doses of Corona to build up immunity

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Wtf he found the Gödel statement of the Midwit Meme axiom system

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@eigenrobot the true point of no return: gpt 3 generated conspiracy theory iceberg

Also why are monitors still so expensive? Is it just because everyone uses laptops now so there's very little demand for cheap monitors?

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I can sort hard drives by price per gigabyte. Why can't I sort monitors by price per square inch?

Also I'm in Coventry until then, if someone nearer there wants to meet up in the meantime

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I'm back in the UK! Landing in Glasgow next Wednesday, looking forward to actually meeting my coworkers face to face 😀

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a Schelling point for those who seek one