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About a third of the pictures are weird uncanny valley monstrosities. Apart from that, the weirdest thing is that, although it generates the pictures in various categories ("anime", "rockstar", "sci-fi"), about half the pictures have no relation to the category

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Did the Lensa thing - results were very hit and miss, but pretty impressive in general. Here's some of the ones I liked

Out of all the crazy stuff that's happened at Twitter since Musk bought it, by far the worst is that it now keeps putting me on the terrible algorithmic timeline ("for you").

I wanted to end the first sentence with an exclamation point, but I just know you smartasses would have gone "DURRR blind since age 720?? Wow he really lived a long time"

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Noo babe your exact sequence is perfect the long ones scare me.

Bernard Morin, a successful topologist who was part of the team that exhibited the first sphere eversion, was blind since age 6.

Pretty incredible to do this sort of stuff with no visual aids at all.

The 4th/5th generation kindle is an unsurpassed piece of electronics

- Fits in your pocket
- Battery lasts for weeks
- Has physical buttons that do the two things you want to do (next page, previous page).

In a little while, LLM may enable "mute this discourse" functionality where you describe the particular bullshit you don't want to see and it filters out more precisely what you want than filtering by keywords or whatever.

There is still alpha in doing weird things and writing down what happens

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a Schelling point for those who seek one