Wow, after 25 years of Unix experience, I learned that you can filter output in #less.

Press ampersand (&) and enter a regex to show only lines matching the regex.

Press ampersand (&) and then exclamation mark (!) to apply an inverse filter.

`nice man cat` is a perfectly valid unix command

The past tense of “you snooze, you lose…” should be:

@dylanbeattie i deçode long ago that more verbs need to be strong. i trew to be the change i wunt to see in the world, but fole.

I know what it means to talk about the ordinal "ω + 1" || The natural numbers are

The greater Fediverse community is in store for a hard transition as the greater network transitions from “too small for anybody to care” to “financially worthwhile for professional disinfo trolls, spam farms, Grey-market adtech, and organized CSE groups.”

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This has a real Crazy Eddie's feel to it.
Taking an Uber ride? $199.99!
Need something from Walgreens? $199.99!
Want some office supplies from Walmart? $199.99!
A night at the W Hotel in South Beach? You guessed it -- $199.99!


These Santos campaign expenses all coming to $199.99 seems kind of dodgy. From hotel rooms, to meals and Ubers, each item listed as costing $199.99. via


Some grumps about privacy discourse, where I'd like to see more discussion of the relative scale of the costs and benefits of actions people recommend for privacy reasons:

Useful test: don't join a Mastodon instance that doesn't let you follow - defederated by many instances because they hired a policeman who had used a Pi to do police work in the past, and were then unapologetic about it.

All Your Face.

TSA going hogwild with facial recognition is going about as well as you'd expect, "but you can opt out". YK Hong: Since folks asked what happens whenever I opt out of facial recognition, I documented it for you while going through US...

Nice irony that Keeper Security is posting here. They sued Dan Goodin for reporting on a security incident back in 2017.

This is the article they were so angry about:…

I do NOT recommend Keeper for password management. Their posture towards security researchers has been anathema to accepted industry standards of vulnerability disclosure, to the point of litigation threats to journalists & security experts reporting on their products' bugs.

Keeping my tradition of painting octopuses on the bottoms of tables in hotel rooms alive 😀

I know, it’s just a “Someone Is Wrong On The Internet” piece, but that NYTimes piece about Why Signal Is Bad And Privacy Is Bad needs to be refuted in a compact explainer, so here’s mine:

Without plain text #search #Mastodon will be a place I visit now and then.

Without that level of #indexing it requires too much work on an individual level to add #hashtags to get #content to #surface.

I guess that would require a centralised #service that connects to an ever increasing web of #server nodes? Unless there's another #decentralised way to do it?

Anyways, if you see this, please #boost it if you agree, so we can see if the feeling is mutual across the :mastodon: :fediverse: food heavy video about UK USA festive differences (made by my @CrafterofManyKinds featuring me, @ciphergoth and my sibling Bee plus her husband Nick and dog Buttercup). I do a good rant about the East coast/West coast new year discrepancy 😅🎉
#nye #immigrant #uk #usa

Every year at Christmas now I think about Christmas 8 years ago when I nearly died with my wife, child and in-laws.

I share this every year over on the Bird Site and will share it here now.

It was Christmas Eve. 9 year old was just 1. We were staying at my in-laws who had an acreage just outside Red Deer at the time. We went to bed a bit late but the night was good. 1 year old wasn’t up too much.

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