Since I'm often asked why I like Go so much, I've fleshed out my thoughts on the subject pretty thoroughly through many iterations. I haven't thought nearly as often about what I *don't* like about Go, beyond the very rare cases (for me) where generics would be nice to have, and a few minor inconveniences here and there.

To my fellow Gophers: what are your biggest Go gripes? Not e.g. specific use cases where it lacks popular libraries, but persistent annoyances

Someone's going to get a lot of e-fame arbitraging content across the fragmented social platforms of the future. A significant chunk of viral tweets are already just arbing YouTube/reddit/Facebook, and time (reposting)

Given Signal's recent popularity, I'm super stoked for the inevitable months-long deluge of articles hinting that Signal must implement encryption backdoors, written by people who use Signal every day specifically because it is free of such backdoors

if only we would science harder 🙄 smdh

If I wanted to, I could spend my entire day checking my various notifications and feeds

I would quickly lose my mind if I did this every day, but it also feels extremely powerful


a Schelling point for those who seek one