Why is Twitter on Android displaying this Japanese tweet in Chinese fonts? (Look at the 今 and 連絡 characters.) There are hiragana in the message...

Is there a system or app setting I can fix? background on this problem. The supplement of which contains this fascinating info on "discretionary ligatures"...

@domenic For both Web and Android, an interesting question is: is it right/wrong for everyone, or just for you? In other words, is Twitter for Web doing language tagging, or does *your* browser in particular prefer a Japanese font over Chinese ones for characters that are available in both?

(Han unification means this is a very common question to ask...)

@domenic CSSWG has had various discussions touching on related issues, over the years. The one I remember most is but I'm pretty sure there were other contentious ones. Though the core problem isn't really in CSSWG's scope.

@dbaron Now that I'm on desktop, I can tell that Twitter web uses lang="ja".

Interestingly, my Linux desktop (Firefox) still gets it wrong. Maybe I don't have Japanese fonts installed there.

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