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Analysis of clothing traces of Stone Age Europeans showed that they dressed in a complex,colorful manner,exactly like Native North Americans.For example,9000-year-old shaman woman of Bad Dürrenberg(Germany).This is the reconstruction of her clothes based on remains found in tomb.

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Are my kids going to be remote-working and taking molly in Afghanistan in 20 years? The Vietnam Test.

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If you fly spirit or frontier do NOT worry about what’s in the vaccine

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It's plausible under a carbon tax regime and sufficiently advanced alternative energy sources that electric vehicles become very uncompetitive vs. gasoline or diesel in many applications

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Through selective breeding and bioengineering, one way or another, dinosaurs shall walk this earth again.

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Over the past few weeks, outlets from Vice to Business Insider to best-selling authors with hundreds of thousands of followers have fallen for drop-dead obvious hoax stories from an obscure online drama website. I report on the phenomenon here:

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To stay on top as intercontinental champion of hide and seek, Theresa does laps around the apartment and looks for potential cover every day

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a Schelling point for those who seek one