US Politics feels so normal right now. Democracy is basically functional. There's a bipartisan agreement to keep the government funded and debts paid that didn't require any brinksmanship. Both parties are cheering on the leader of a democracy fighting against a fascist state. "The United States" is a coherent entity that does things other than deadlock against itself and threaten to collapse. Stuff is basically working. I love it.

A broad political coalition came together to reform electoral rules and remove ambiguities/weaknesses, fund Ukraine, and keep the government working, and it wasn't a huge story. All of it just worked. It was boring and functional and so good.

@jai I was thinking the same thing. It's been a real "normies in control" kind of year -- the crazies have been outmaneuvered in most areas; the counter-hegemons have been knocked back a bit; and with OpenAI, Microsoft seems like it's poised to retake the throne from more exciting FAANG-aligned tech movement.

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