@jefftk Discovering other accounts is definitely a weak point at the moment. There’s a pretty strong culture of “boosting” (reposting) regularly at the moment so if you follow a few people you like, you’ll start seeing other people in your feed and maybe find more people to follow that way.

@jefftk I like my instance and I still only rarely look at the local timeline. Maybe if I were on an instance with a stronger theme (like fediscience) that would be interesting to me, but mostly I’m just trying to follow other people from Twitter and letting the network and boosting reveal more people to me.

@jefftk Maybe (likely?) this will improve if the influx of users coming into Mastodon dies down, but my actions so far (follow, post reply, look at notifications, etc.) have had about 1 5 "success rate" since the surge of users fleeing Twitter started.

I'm guessing that I'm seeing worse SR than most since I'm on the actual de facto Mastodon schelling point instance, and perhaps this is mostly fine elsewhere?

@danluu I don't think I've had any actions fail, or if I have I don't know what it looks like.

But the instance I'm on is only *nominally* the Schelling Point instance

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