I'm confused about norms around when it's ok to link to public Mastodon posts:

@harris continuing our dinner conversation

@hugh responding to your blog post

@jefftk @harris @hugh I was similarly somewhat confused by @mikej's comment that Mastodon doesn't have quote tweets to "stem abuse (targeting people)"; I am admittedly a pretty naive Twitter/Mastodon user, but I think you've hit why I found this strange, quote tweets also seem very much like links. I can post a new toot with a link to your toot; how is that different than a quote toot? I must be missing something here.

@irilyth @jefftk @hugh @mikej I admit that I'm ambivalent on the refusal to have quote tweets in Mastodon. I see that this functionality was often used abusively on Twitter, but I also really value hearing my follows' perspective on the things they share (even if it's just an emoji or an off the cuff comment).

I do think that, even though posting a link to another toot is equivalent to quote tweeting, the way the interface makes that easy/hard pretty/not pretty influences how people use it.

@harris @jefftk @hugh @mikej Fair enough; because I like analogies, it's like how I don't wear padded jeans to stop people from kicking me, but I also don't go around with a "kick me!" sign on my back.

So to turn this back to @jefftk 's question: Do Mastodon social norms hold that if I post an external link to his toot, that's equivalent to sticking a "kick me" sign on his back?

@irilyth @jefftk @harris @hugh @mikej

My understanding is the developers wanted to foster a culture of "responding to" a toot instead of "talking about" a toot. And yeah, nothing's stopping you from posting a link to a toot, but they didn't want to make it a first-class feature that gets displayed inline like on Twitter. I'm still too new here to have formed an opinion of whether it's better this way.


I don't have an LW account, so I'm going to respond to the tumblr thing here.

I've posted quite a few tumblr links to HN and this was received positively even a decade ago, so the norm of not posting tumblr links outside of tumblr, must've disappeared early on and/or been quite niche and not global.

Tumblr had and has quite distinct subcommunities with different norms and it's common to see fights between people in different communities who expect different norms.

@jefftk In these fights, people from one community will sometimes claim that their norms are global tumblr norms, but that's more of a desire than a fact.

From reading various comments from people who've been on Mastodon for a while, my feeling is that the same thing is happening here because, per mastodon.social/@danluu/109316, people are claiming contradictory things as global norms.

Someone claims X is how things are done and new users are ruining things, but people with older accounts do ¬X.

@jefftk @harris @hugh Just so everyone knows that I was just relaying the decision you can see some of the discussion on the topic here: github.com/mastodon/mastodon/i

I'd also like QTs but I'm probably privileged to not really be harassed online like some of the people who fled twitter to Mastodon in the past have been.

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