A couple of weeks back I found a possible exploit in the Polygon Miden VM internals. Today a friend of mine managed to turn it into an actual exploit.


It seemed appropriate (and somewhat funnier) to convey the result first to the team in the form of an actual zero-knowledge proof before we set to fixing it.

Is it just me or is the fact that the click-through link for someone's profile that you get when notified that someone has followed you on Mastodon leads to some useless page that doesn't show _any_ of their posts, requiring yet another hop off some link on the bottom of the page incredibly frustrating UX?

"Oh look, 50 new followers! 250+ clicks to see if i should follow them back or if they are just going for volume! (2 forward, 2 back, 1 to add) 50x."

Twitter: 1 to profile, 1 to add, 1 back


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