My biggest fear is that someone will look at my house and think I bought it for less than $1M

Setting aside junkmail addressed to "resident", do you get more mail addressed (correctly) to you, or more addressed (wrongly) to former residents, etc.?

Oh, never mind, I found her. If anyone else is looking, it was @kylievincentlol, who was really funny!

Storks *do* actually deliver babies, but they're all followed by pelicans that gobble them up again. So all the babies that survive are born out of wombs instead. We're not sure where the storks are getting the babies.

You could use an existing set of prompts like if you wanted to up the ante

Good practice for accurate modeling of other minds, and it might be amusing what others believe you believe.

Apples to Apples mixed with To Tell the Truth. Each round, a new player is the one everyone else imitates for the answer to a question (e.g., "What's wrong about utilitarianism?"). All write their imitations, record a prediction of which one's real, and get points if right.

Please someone make and/or link one of those AI avatar makers that makes you into one of those pointillistic WSJ hedcuts.


a Schelling point for those who seek one