accuse -> accusing
focus -> focusing

accuse -> accusing
focus -> focussing

accuse -> accusing
focuss -> focussing

accuse -> accuseing
focus -> focusing

"Everything happens for a reason" is trivially true
"Everything happens for a good reason" is trivially false

When it comes to data science, the most important kind of table is repea

A special hell or heaven for atheists
A special nothing for deists

I want 'no one' to be 'noone' but then it looks like you're just saying 'noon' in a Commonwealth style, and 'noöne' is even worse.

My Minnesota mortician friend Angela has a podcast about deathcare. It's short, informative and sometimes (appropriately) funny. I learn something new every episode. You might like it. inspiredjourneysmn.com/tmyk/

Seeking out free cloud storage for your astronomy dataset, you compress it into a video and upload it to YouTube.

By coincidence, when viewed, it appears to be archival film of LBJ conspiring with the mob to kill JFK.

You are soon killed in a grisly cotton candy accident.

I know it's a commonplace observation, but it still boggles my mind to watch a kid take a fall that would lead to $100k of healthcare if I had it, then get up and immediately fall again even worse, then get up and keep skating having suffered no ill effects.

Why has it become so important that we not be able to select our place in videos?

I'm really glad that GPT is making it into consumer applications so that normies can see firsthand how easily its guardrails can be gamed by even non-technical users. This is much closer to the intuition of unaligned-by-default AI than red-herring tropes like the Terminator.

Exercise your freedom of freedom of speech speech by freely speaking about your freedom of speech today

In Star Trek, they are speaking a future form of English that has regained the vocative case, which is handy for the computer to tell when it's being addressed vs mentioned.

My biggest fear is that someone will look at my house and think I bought it for less than $1M

Setting aside junkmail addressed to "resident", do you get more mail addressed (correctly) to you, or more addressed (wrongly) to former residents, etc.?

Oh, never mind, I found her. If anyone else is looking, it was @kylievincentlol, who was really funny!

Storks *do* actually deliver babies, but they're all followed by pelicans that gobble them up again. So all the babies that survive are born out of wombs instead. We're not sure where the storks are getting the babies.

You could use an existing set of prompts like t.co/4dDoLeUPCs if you wanted to up the ante

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