Through the #Wikidata query for nonprofit organizations with Mastodon accounts ( I learned that #OpenAccess nonprofit @scipost has a carefully set up dedicated presence here, with multiple handles for posting open-access #science papers in those fields. Neat, hope it picks up steam!

- Physics: @physics

- Astronomy: @astro

- Biology: @biology

- Chemistry: @chemistry

- Computer Science: @compsci

- Mathematics: @math

- Political Science: @polsci

If you are new to Mastodon and coming from the Twitter tide, here’s a few amazing Mastodon features that are NOT ON TWITTER. Enjoy! 🐘​

1. Content Warnings CW ⚠️​

It allows you to display a warning but hides the content of your post. Here’s a short guide I wrote about it:

2. Slow Mode 😌

In Preferences > Appearance, you can select the option “Slow mode” to hide automatic feed updates. You will then have to click at the top of the timelines to see new posts (ex: “10 new items”).

3. Custom Emojis :awesome:

When you write a post (called a toot here), you can select emojis that are custom to your server (called an instance here). In the toot field, click on the 😂 button in the upper right corner to see what’s available there. Some are really neat! :blobcatrainbow:

4. Mastodon is different :ablobsmile:

There is no suggestion algorithms here, no promotion, no ads. This is a community. You can be more of your true complex and unique self. Engage with others genuinely. Follow others you like no matter their followers count. Describe yourself and what interests you in your bio, you are not as limited by characters count here.

Be yourself. Leave the toxicity out, it is not valued here. Respect others. Be a kind human. Share what you love. Make friends :heart_cyber:

#TinyMastodonTip #Mastodon


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