not bad for a day. if only this was what i *intended* to do w it.

Dear Diary,
I have discovered my latent ability to breathe with my eyes.

☙ "optimize your ideanet for serendipity + context-logistics"

☙ "resist temptation to use hierarchy to represent causality ior ontology of territory"

☙ "apply uniform noise to relatively amplify latent resonators."

☙ what i mean by "serendipity rarely distributes ato causality" is that concentration of VoI is often thickest at the joint observation of causally ~unrelated processes. if u want the most generalizable variables, sampling seemingly-unrelated generators is like selectively filtering for stuff that applies everywhere.

☙ if u tune the sensitivity of u's detectors *down*, but sample nature's generators broadly and rapidly… u avoid the diminishing marginal returns associated w any given generator.

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