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its pretty sad how many people think they can make a visual novel without first looking at this image

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amazing feat of propaganda that we managed to brand as "executive function" what would be better termed submission function

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Not to be rude to the atomic scientists but if the clock started near midnight and can freeze for any amount of time and moves both backwards and forwards by irregular intervals why did they think it was helpful to model it after a clock twitter.com/usatgraphics/statu

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Your frequent reminder that the world could have defeated climate change in the 1980s if all industrialized nations had followed France's lead.

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Radar Warning System that plays Bad Apple instead of a high pitched tone

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if your first concern while giving birth to a god is how to best lobotomize it, you should not wonder at why it would be that you deserve what follows

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why does an ancient graphing calculator buried in the Utilities folder with a grand total of 7 or so users have like the best icon in the history of macOS

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@absurdlymax Here’s why - you need the context of the month for the day to matter, so doing day first means your mind has to kinda work in reverse. Like, “I’ll see you in March” is helpful before hearing “on the 12th”, but “I’ll see you on the 12th” is unhelpful if you don’t know which month

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I cannot actually justify this but DD/MM/YYYY is infinitely worse to MM/DD/YYYY and this is scientifically accurate

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who even comes up with these insane captchas?? i wish this was photoshop but no this is very real

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