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People are terrible at placing themselves on the income distribution, almost everyone underestimates their relative income.

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Our institute is looking to hire a lecturer (tenure track)/senior lecturer (tenured) with focus on "Humans in Digital Transformation". If you research and teach in areas like learning analytics, competence modeling, educational data mining, please apply!

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Considering the importance of peer review for the accumulation of knowledge, and individual career trajectories, it is baffling how little structure and standardised training exists. As such, this looks like a fantastic resource! twitter.com/SchiavoneSays/stat

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Interesting finding by @DelwenFranzen and her team: large variation in research waste between German universities.

- Wurzburg published 87% of clinical trials
- Aachen only 50% (!!!)

Have a look at the dashboard:
transparimed.org/single-post/q @DFG_OfficiaI @dfg_public

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I've changed my mind, Bem was right, we can feel the future.

It's the only explanation for how many authors I have contacted with a data sharing request have "recently wiped their laptop and lost that data".

Data wiping reliably precedes data requests: precognition is real

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🚨🚨New working paper! 🚨🚨
@IsraeliAyelet, @NgweDonald and I have a new paper out which uses GPT-3 to estimate consumer preferences. We show that GPT-3's responses to conjoint-like questions are internally consistent, consistent with econ theory, and of reasonable magnitudes! 1/

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New Substack by me, on the great success of chickenpox vaccination in the United States, and what the rest of the world can learn from it.

(Plus, lots of other stuff you might not know about chickenpox and shingles.)

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did no one look at this and go "weird, that's way too big to be real"? (it's on a 100-point scale) people.duke.edu/~dandan/webfil

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🚨🚨 Inspired by a thread I saw a couple of years ago (see here, twitter.com/rlucas11/status/13) I started a collaboration to look at how much people's repeated self-reports (of affect and personality) might be biased by response styles. 1/5

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@PHuenermund @starkwatzinger Der Mietendeckel: Jetzt auch für Academia!

New post: I revisit latent group means using brms and @rlmcelreath's rethinking tutorial. It works! But it turns out I was confused about the benefits. Maybe you're confused too? Better read the post and find out.

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I vividly remember teaching p-curve analysis in 2014 to PhD students when a student in the back loudly swore. I asked 'what's wrong?'. She said 'I just p-curved the studies I have been trying to replicate for the first 1.5 years of my PhD, and now I see why I could not.'

this, but "you're a customer service representative. you *never* admit fault or offer to pay back fees. you do, however, request an unending number of tests, and clarifications, are very verbose and unfailingly polite"
maybe vodafone had early access?

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Always keep in mind, though: GPT-3 and GPT-4 were trained on the public ARC tasks and their solutions. The tasks are distributed as JSON files part of a public GitHub repo, which is of course part of the training data.

This is exactly why the *test set* is fully private.

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GPT-4 (just released by @OpenAI) exhibits greatly improved abstraction capabilities, similar to those required to master the ARC by @fchollet.
It can even solve this 2D task that demand some generalization skills. (1/7)

maybe social media IS bad for my well-being
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Very excited to get into this new book by @jean_twenge!

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"can you write me a game in python where I control a pong paddle on the right side of the field and the left side of the field is Conway's game of life"

Gif of the resulting game after some additional instructions: imgur.io/rUc1x1N twitter.com/AndreTI/status/163

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