In video games it's common for characters to run by default: why not do this in real life?


@jefftk Practically speaking, running by default seems more difficult since in most situations where I could either run or walk, I find that I am encumbered by something like a backpack (which would bounce and be uncomfortable) or a cup of tea.

I also get the feeling that running is slightly more likely to lead to collisions, which is a bit hazardous for people around you.

@jefftk Presumably the reason why it's not the default is because running is less energy efficient per unit distance¹:

We're no longer energy constrained (and in fact people would probably prefer to burn more calories), but our instincts and aversions are still tuned to efficiency.

¹I think this actually depends on walking speed, but you need to walk pretty briskly for walking to be less energy efficient per distance than running.

@zebrask if this were the only reason this would push strongly in favor of trying to overcome the aversion

@zebrask my backpack doesn't really bounce when I run (and I'm wearing it for probably a bit more than half my running). It's mostly a matter of adjusting it to fit snuggly. If it still bounced with a good adjustment I'd buckle the waist strap.

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