Recently I saw a meme showing some poor crewman with his window facing the red glow of a warp nacelle, but I've lost it now.

Does anyone know where I can find it?



I think that’s a screenshot from Lower Decks S04E02 (“I Have No Bones Yet I Must Flee”) where Boimler’s new quarters are in an unfortunate location. Don’t have a copy of the meme, but maybe that’ll help track it down.

@cerebrate @swope
That would be it. Boimler wasn't aware that he could adjust the opacity of the nacelle-facing window until Rutherford came in.

Other, similarly bad quarters were adjacent to the holodeck where senior crew engaged in some 'extracurricular' activities. You would think it would have better soundproofing, but this is 'Lower Decks".

And here was the meme post from Reddit.

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