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The Day We Were Raided By The Feds -

(I wrote this up to attach to the yard sign mentioned in previous toots with a QR code, and have something to pin to avoid telling the story over again.)

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Before following me, you should be aware that if you have a political ideology, I probably despise it, even if it's mine.


No, actually - especially if it's mine.

Oh, the Galaxy’s wars are frightful,
But the Shroud is so delightful
So while there’s no place to go
Take some Zro!
Take some Zro!
Take some Zro!

Reminder that "Tumblr/Wordpress selling user posts to AI companies" actually means "Oh, that stuff freely available to anyone on the Internet? Here, let me put that on a disk for you."

Those concerned with the Internet becoming flooded with vast quantities of AI-generated garbage content not worth the reading appear not to have noticed that it has managed to survive being flooded with vast quantities of human-generated garbage content not worth the reading.

This is just history repeating itself with robophobia.

On another note, I am rather surprised to learn that there doesn't appear to be a dedicated ICD-10 code for "Fall through ceiling".

(Floor, yes, but floors and ceilings are not isomorphic. If my attic had had a floor, this whole issue would have never arisen.)

((I hasten to reassure that this was because I looked it up myself, not because I needed medical treatment.))

(I am expecting this to trend low, on the grounds that once you take the plunge, you get even more fuckin' careful than you thought you were being previously, but it's not like I'm sitting on a wealth of data points here.)

So, since my ridiculous sitcom-worthy accident, people have been telling me stories about professional attic-workers falling through ceilings.

This gives me a statistical curiosity, so, folks: if you spend time in attics, how many times have you fallen through a ceiling in your career?

Achievement unlocked: fell through the ceiling.

(I won, but not without cost.)

Today I saw a reminder of the number of "God-killed" zygotes that fail to implant or spontaneously abort early in pregnancy (something around 60-70% of the total), and I am shocked my own self that no-one is yet screaming about how this is eugenics.

Because it is, you know.

It's literal, if natural, eugenics.

Our state fish is the channel catfish, and our state phish is fake calls from your credit card provider.

even if it blows up in orbit, that's still 90 teratons of TNT going off. That's equivalent to a solar flare.

You're still going to Have A Bad Day.

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"a spaceship crashed" shouldn't be a bunch of wreckage in a forest and plucky scavengers finding neat bits of technology to resell, it should be a "so the dominant species on that planet has been forever changed"

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more sci-fi should deal with the fact that your average Enterprise starship has a fuel tank measured in Chicxulubs of antimatter

From a discussion of importing cars from the to Earth today:

"I'd think cars would be one of the less likely export products myself, for a couple of reasons.

(Leaving aside trying to get the State of California to allow anything powered by a radiothermal generator on the roads, obviously, and also throwing a dozen hissy fits about how the space tech bros are broing the space tech. Bro.)

((Gods, I hate that abbrev.))"

Whyever did we call it "self-destruct" when we could have called it "autoclast"?

(This is a post about AI development. And climate change. And basically everything else.)

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As a general note, I have seen lots of people today criticizing those who spend time thinking about future and potential problems rather than the present problems right in front of them.

Gentles all, I trust you will enjoy your trip on Eastern Air Lines Flight 401.

Now consider how likely the likelihood of finding a iron-spined enough to condemn a million/hundred-thousand/ten-thousand/etc. Lunarians or Martians in the former US colony to slow death for, basically, transmitting an updated copy of their own Declaration of Independence - and doing so in the face of the entire non-Internet-tough-guy population being all "um, I didn't sign up for deliberate mass-murder, kthx".

This is why I do not buy it.

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Thinking of that meme that space colonies will remain bound to their earthly masters (because it's the law, don'ch'know) enforced by the Earthers' merciless grip on their supply chain?

Consider, on the one hand, the sheer outrage generated in the public discourse by Israel's refusal to continue to supply electricity and water to the Gaza Strip, a polity whose government, Hamas, lists the brutal murder of every Israeli as its official state policy.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one