One of the more moderately annoying things about learning Russian, especially if you already know some of another Slavic language, is that it’s riddled with doublets of native East Slavic words and OCS borrowings with slightly different meanings. So, e.g., здоровый means “healthy” while здравый is “sane”; “head (adj.)” in the metaphorical sense of “principal” is головной or главный, but only the first has the literal anatomical meaning.

Love the "Historic gathering place since 1630" label that Google Maps puts on Harvard Square

Tfw that one super-annoying Anki card with a weird irregular verb form turns out to be a typo

@Alon what’s the typical per-km cost range (outside the Anglosphere) for above-ground HSR construction in unchallenging terrain?

Somewhere out there is a bash script that holds up a large chunk of the world economy. It includes a 200-character sed command, half of which is backslashes.

🌶 but if you can't express yourself calmly, pretty much nothing you say is very likely to be important or interesting. mastering your emotions is the first gate one must pass through to enter adulthood, and only adults can be treated as intellectual equals
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1) lots of people prefer to discuss topics in a way that feels emotionally "safe" eg everyone speaks calmly
2) those environments systematically exclude relevent …

Spanish guy on Clubhouse just used the future subjunctive in casual conversation

As long as I can help it, I will never use unetymological irregular verb forms. Some lines are not meant to be crossed.

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The Boomer destruction of Anglosphere civilization, in one chart

utilitarianism in the streets, virtue ethics in the sheets

Three people at Felipe’s in Harvard Square dressed in goth clothing and suddenly I’m in high school again

Back on the rowing machine for basically the first time in three weeks and it sure hasn’t gotten any easier

Might be college-aged, not teenagers. The one talking also sounds like a drunk Danielle Bregoli

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Four teen girls on the train next to me, all with masks except the one who pulled hers down to talk very loudly on the phone

A new freeway interchange completed a couple years ago considerably shortened the trip from Philadelphia to New York, but Megabus’s drivers appear still not to know about it.

Yes, I see your “scientific studies” and “meta-analyses,” but have you considered my vague hunch about human nature based on shallow, self-flattering introspection?

Whoa, check out this traffic pattern. Easy to tell where the rain turns to snow (I assume)

I can understand like 40% of the words in a Russian-language CH room, damn this feels good

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a Schelling point for those who seek one