software engineering is the primary domain I have in mind here, especially when it forms to languages and tools (such as source control) but I'm sure this happens in others as well

problem is thst those who have solved their problems don't often feel a need to talk about them

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it's rather unfortunate that the discourse for mostly any technical subject is dominated by those currently in the trough of dissolutionment; this leads to neither hearing about the benefits of various approaches, nor the enlightened perspectives on their proper application

life is a minefield; those that make it through have a responsibility to yell back to those just starting to cross about where the biggest dangers are, to guide them through a safe path, should they desire to choose it

everyone should be free to choose, but you need the option

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i ended up in a great place, in much better shape than I could have, and p great life position, relatively speaking, while many of my friends did not. I watched them drop out and lead dead end lives, burn out on their personal quests, fry their brains on psychedelics, permanently

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I made so many unforced errors, wasted so much effort on the wrong things, hurt my self in stupid ways for stupid reasons. many of my. mistakes didn't lead to insights much more useful than "don't do that again dumbass"

but it's difficult to figure this out in advance

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it may be a bit hypocritical to practice what I preach, but is not the point of making mistakes to help others learn from your experience? without the next generation doing something different, no progress will be made

I don't regret my path. but it could have gone better.

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I'm much more conservative about things now precisely bc I wasn't when I was younger

I dropped out of college, pretty impulsively

I tried basically every drug I could find & used RCs extensively (tbh prob got some irreversible brain damage)

I learned a ton, but at great cost
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@nickcammarata @parafactual @pareinoia the basic facts are that straying from the default path is DANGEROUS. just like I never recommend psych…

generic looking item's from fashion Brands are NFTs

we do not all emerge as butterflies

but thru iterated molts, we do approach that structure which best adapts us to our lives

there is beauty to be found in each, but certain ones require a bit more looking

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in what ways is the molt of an insect comparable to the shedding of a personality construct? of a sense of cognitive proprioception, the sense-making toolset we use at a certain stage of our life?

do we not leave behind certain lenses as we grow, put down old concepts?

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my current self is a utilitarian one, bound by the constraints of family and practicality, characterized by a certain grim determination

but I have inhabited others in the past, other selves which were not like this

and one day I'll likely outgrow this exoskeleton as well

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how much can you change before you become a different person? where do you draw the line between your identity and someone else's?

I've crawled out of the husks of previous selves too many times to remember

sometimes this is a one way transition
can't recall being the previous

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I imagine, sometimes, attending a party with all of my alternate selves, hearing about their lives, watching their mannerisms, self expression; I can see the choice deltas which would have lead me to each one, but I can't always inhabit their perspectives

how far is too far?

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when we fantasize about possible worlds, we let ourselves play personality dress-up, try on various goals & priorities, aesthetic choices; this can be a sort of steam release valve, giving us an outlet for all those what-ifs. each daydream is a simulation of what could have been

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remembering parts of yourself you havent embodied in a while can be sobering, melancholy inducing; a reminder of all the people you used to be, the possible futures you chose against. some part of each universe lives on inside you, in the self-aspect which would have generated it

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a Schelling point for those who seek one