me rewriting my projectile motion program on my TI-83 from memory every time the teacher caught me and wiped it
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I don't use git. I don't even store code in files. I just remember it and re-type every time.

but I'm not so sure that this balance has really skewed that far towards the latter, as many like the OP would claim; isn't that just another form of RETVRN? the unknown is terrifying, but we must embrace it, lest it ambush us unawares

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there's certainly a balance to be struck between tepid tradition-worship, where the past is mimicked ad absurdum, ignoring cultural and ideological shifts, and blind future-sight, where the practical concerns of reality and context are discarded for the sake of a grand vision

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some of these I do agree with, particularly the US embassy one; a building should exude vibes appropriate to its purpose, being a cultural transmitter from the past to the future; many others, I'm not so sure. is architectural innovation impossible? or is just another culture war

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but, how would that be properly addressed? focus groups? ethnographies? surveys? consider that there are likely many distinct cultural subgroups for each of these; won't someone always be displeased? should we regress to a boring corporate mean? its certainly the choice some make

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I understand the concerns of human sized space, of affordances and architectural UX; I've read my Alexander. but this seems compatible with this aesthetic style, to me. perhaps it's a conflict btwn the aesthetics of the designers and the intended occupants?

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and yet, I know many here are repulsed by the very same; clearly it stems from an underlying aesthetic difference, but which? is it a desire for symmetry, a more greebled appearance, or a more traditional, easily parsed one? the sharp, unforgiving edges? or mb the complexity?

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while I find this thread fuckin funny, I'm also wondering what is the crucial difference between me and the OP, as I'm a huge fan of this architectural style, especially the geometrically harsh brutalism

I don't feel alienated or imposed on by these forms, rather stimulated
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"We'd like a park kiosk where families can buy ice-cre..."

you know we've hit peak when your elderly Russian grandparents ask you about The Bit Coin and if you're gambling in it

the opposite of imposter syndrome, in that everyone knows it except for you
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Dunning-Kruger-Gell-Mann amnesia is when you comment on matters outside your expertise and turn out laughably wrong, but after a while you figure you probably just messed up that one time and obviously you understand things really well in general and should correct some people

ritually consuming manifestations of the America™ egregore to gain its power (corn for dinner)

this is women
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If UFOs are aliens, they have chosen to not kill us, and to let us see them, but not to directly talk to us, even though they must know we’d very much want to talk to them. If a human person or organization treated you or your nation that way, would you see that as an insult?

my kingdom for enough space to have an actual workbench rather than the same computer desk I use for everything

when I said as a kid that I wanted to embody the absentminded professor stereotype I didn't mean like this

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the duality of man

top x% of competence in my field at work
can barely pay attention long enough to do my laundry regularly at home

if you get anything out of this thread, let it be this:

consider the ways in which aspects of your experiences/behavior can be linked to high neural sensitivity; perhaps sensory issues, synesthesia, maybe rigidity of thought or need for routine

u 2 might be an autist & thats ok

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a Schelling point for those who seek one