I love my ridiculous shower thoughts. Was contemplating phenomenal consciousness and reference frames, only to be hit with the realization that "a modern Descartes' evil demon would just be a perfect VR headset"

and a second later was like

'congrats on independently rediscovering The Matrix, JC'

@pee_zombie Not deliberately, and not exactly, but VR tech will get there eventually, and my work will definitely contribute.

It will be interesting to see how real high-fidelity systems differ from the original thought experiment due to their needs for productization, and to put people's minds at ease about not getting trapped in the machine. Doesn't the OG thought experiment only come with 1 opt out opportunity?

@pee_zombie Oh right I remember this thread, we talked about it already. I should go back over that and refresh myself.

This is complicated by the fact that a lot of the time I just use the term 'experience machine' as a stand in for full-dive VR, which I should really stop doing

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