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Anyway if you're wondering what you've been missing on Twitter, today Twitter started instantly autobanning anyone who said the word "Memphis" and did not figure out what had happened and fix it for like six hours

The entire time people were experimentally tweeting "Wait, do you really get banned if you say 'Memphis'?" and getting banned

Oh god, I think I have trouble making and staying in touch with friends because I've uprooted every 2-3 years for the last decade and a half.

We really want this woman’s final decade or so of life to be her best. We’re renovating her bedroom and adding all the kitschy regency-style items she’s collected over the years to make it into the kind of room she’d never dare to ask for. We found her tea service items and by god, we’re going to make sure she gets to use them. We’re going to help her make friends. Probably by getting her involved in Jane Austen message boards or something. Her eyesight’s bad, but we’re patient and fast typists.

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She keeps everything because she wants it to be important, but she can’t recognize that making everything important doesn’t have the effect she wants. So much of her hoarding speaks to a longing for people she likes, or things she finds pretty, but she didn’t feel confident or ready enough to ever reach out so she stored the things she loved the most in safe places where she couldn’t find or use them and she didn’t send the presents she kept buying for nieces and nephews.

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Wedding rings and precious China are wrapped in nests of old bedding and plastic bags. Letters from dead and missed relatives are stored in index card cases that you find inside shoeboxes full of old telephone bills and expired coupons. Porcelain wedding gifts full of candies are stored in cheap plastic cases in an effort to preserve the moment as it was, but the mice find it and crawl in and hollow it out, leaving their excrement inside the vase and its protective container.

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The patterns of accumulation are interesting. I have full boxes labeled “unused potholders”, “empty picture frames”, “home ec/organizing books”, “cookbooks”, “cookie molds”, “Christmas ornaments”, “cookie cutters”, “unused scrapbooks.” Her only filled-out scrapbook chronicles her husband’s side of the family.

The strongest impression I get is of a level of loneliness and disconnection that will warp a person.

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We’re living in this house now, in a bedroom that was better maintained than the rest of the house. Most of the cleaning was done before I arrived so the smell was bearable, but I have filled about five contractor bags with garbage since we arrived a week ago. Will have six more filled by the end. I wash my hands about ten times a day. Every time I do, the water runs gray.

My partner and I have been successfully keeping each other sane through all of this. There’s a lot to do, though.

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So here’s what’s been going on with me.

I’ve been helping my partner clean out their childhood home, within which their widowed mother had been living alone and hoarding all manner of things for roughly a decade.

After learning that she hadn’t been treating her diabetes or fixing the plumbing for half a year and local relatives were treating the situation with something close to criminal neglect, my partner came back to right the course of the whole situation. I’m now here too.

I keep ending up in this situation where my vibing with a person’s train of thought thread will be interrupted by a plain-spoken statement that is such clear bullshit (highlighted) that I’ll end up questioning both the person’s overall POV and my own willingness to relate to it.

It happens with people I like and/or follow so I don’t want to respond directly/abrasively, but I experience this so often that I feel the need to comment on it.

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In Antarctica, there’s a single-celled foram that’s big enough for you to see and even pick up. And it is possibly the most terrifying predator on Earth.

Looking through my browser cookies and I gotta say


You need new branding ideas

3. There are a lot of discussions related to open source that this whole affair ties into - the thanklessness of maintaining a software repo for little to no compensation, what constitutes abuse of users' trust, what you can actually do with a GPL when it comes down to it.

2. The new owners are really suspicious, and they know it.

The code in the previous toot was executed by a site called owebanalytics, a domain registered at the same time that the first suspicious update to The Great Suspender was pushed. The name is meant to resemble Google's openwebanalytics. Financial transactions associated with the new owner appear to have been made with BTC. And values found in the scripts have been found on other phishy extensions.

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Wow, so many things.

1. No indication that anything was done beyond tracking browsing, but the capability for tracking keystrokes etc. appears to be in the code.

Just to cover my bases, I'm about to change all my passwords. Have been meaning to put together a personal data breach bug-out manual anyway.

Up until today I used The Great Suspender as a way to keep all my tabs from leeching up my RAM. Got a message saying that the extension has been disabled after being recognized as malicious. Something sordid is happening there that I intend to look into after my work for the day lets out:

“I heard in a talk today that Agile and Extreme Programming have shown that refactoring and tests allow us to make change with zero impact.

I never knew that.

I still do not know that.”

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If Rich Hickey had a regular stand-up comedy compsci lecture hour, I would watch it

The thing about tools for posting to Mastodon and Twitter simultaneously is that I sense when a person is just doing that, and it often takes away from the experience of this timeline because a person rarely does that without Mastodon taking an auxiliary role. My home feed is now full of Twitter RTs that have little to no engagement on this platform. I’m just not sure it works that well.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one