Qualia overdose to better consciousness model pipeline

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I gained consciousness at the age of 4 when I laid down on a deflated bouncy house

I wonder what exactly drives people to do this. I like to drive late at night listening to music on my own and people have asked me if I’m ok since it’s supposedly weird to do that?

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Going into remote woods under the stars listening to Blonde alone is so refreshing and cathartic

if there was a way to short these restaurants it’d become the hottest position ever their lifecycle and criteria is one of the most predictable I’ve seen

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Fad food places really went from frozen yogurt to rolled up ice cream to fucking cookies

If out body is 70% viruses, fungi, and bacteria can @myceliummage become a necromancer?

why does prog rock exist don’t all songs progress?

Doesn’t Kanye have a PhD why don’t people address him as Dr. West?

just use time.sleep() lol
RT @DeepMind
Introducing PonderNet, a new algorithm that allows artificial neural networks to learn to “think for a while” before answering, like humans do. This improves the ability of neural networks to generalize outside of the training distribution: bit.ly/3lnLROC

“how to think less” thought feedback loop

this is kinda scary could have better color pallete tho to be less scary

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dishwashers open up now to dry? Went to get a midnight snack mf popped upon I almost fell

The FDA has been the real depopulation psyop this whole time

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a Schelling point for those who seek one