Jury duty is absolutely insane. Mandate that it is fully paid leave, or government pays you in full. Expecting people to just suck up weeks or months of lost wages is criminal.
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missed this. no idea if she stayed on but what the fuck lol

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Did it hurt? When u found out New Zealand is not an English name

I can’t change my own oil either
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zoomers can't into computers is one of the most surprising things I have learned recently

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erryone be talking about global warming but no one actually wants to do anything that would actually solve it like geoengineering or mass nuclear. theyre just aesthetic primitivists twitter.com/robinhanson/status

Plot twist: it turns out we were the misaligned AI all along
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in the common cult construction you explain that

1) The Reason Everything Is Bad is because of evil spirits or something

2) Our Glorious Leader has a unique ability to fight off these spirits

3) perhaps you too, someday, can contribute to The Spirit War, if you Join Us

Rat Jesus right here
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anyway, in case it helps to hear me say it: anyone is capable of doing math. some of you have, for lack of a better word, "math trauma," and that trauma can be resolved, and you too can directly access the platonic realm, you don't have to take anyone else's word for it

Texans in New Zealand obviously
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If Texans are the most American Americans, who are the most New Zealandish New Zealanders?

Joseph Rutherford Biden. I don’t need to look it up

The fundamental impulse to throw a tantrum doesn’t go anywhere in adults, we are just expected to channel it some other way.

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his sense of purpose depends upon his not understanding it
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If you wonder why super-privileged kids or retirees in nice condos are so angry, it's because it feels *great* to be angry. Otherwise, life becomes about getting a job (if you're young) or just accepting the twilight of age. Easy heroism is crack to Americans raised on cable. /7

That we fucking invented, engineered and built watches before ubiquitous computing is completely insane. Explain to me how a world where you can get something like this for less than $1000 comes to be and I will show you a miracle.
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Magicians do exist.

This is the tweet of the day. I’m logging off
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@eigenrobot Here it is.

The proof that a group of 'smart' people is actively trying to destroy the traditional social mores that 'dumb' people rely on for moral guidance

What does it make you if you are the "how to be gay" police
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@LilNasX You’re so insecure about your sexuality you’re over compensating for it every chance you get. Gay people who know themselves don’t constantly have to remind eveyone that they are gay. Take a look at yourself on the mirror bro

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It’s cute how Fahrenheit people have tricked themselves into thinking they need such a big scale because they can tell the difference between single degrees. No you can’t.

Dudes rock
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But maybe he has a side hustle?

Ah nope he goes home and plays video games

It’s a good essay “You will wrap your mediocre malice in the false gauziness of ideological purity” chimamanda.com/
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“We’re having the wrong conversation” is what you say when you’re losing.

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