⚠️ ADMIN POST ⚠️ will be going down for maintenance in 15 mins at 12:45 PM EST for at most 15minutes, until no later than 1:00 PM EST

during this time, I will be upgrading to a larger server, doubling RAM from 4gb to 8gb, as we've been cutting it close for a while.

apologies for the inconvenience, working to make the best experience for all y'all

feel free to contanct @pee_zombie on Twitter during the downtime if you need anything



we're back up, but experiencing an issue loading media; as a result, no avatars or images will show for now. I am actively investigating!

quick update, still investigating, there's something weird going on with the nginx media proxy. switched from a Wasabi backend to S3 to simplify the setup and eliminate some variables. will keep y'all posted on developments.

update: seems that masto is unhappy with migrating storage providers w/o copying over all files, so, doing so now. expect this to take hours, but in the meantime, images are gradually beginning to load again. apologies for the inconvenience, please bear with these growing pains as I mature our operations.

we're mostly recovered, still a few small issues here and there but we can expect normal operation from here on out. still working on it, lmk if you run into any issues.

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