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Reminder that if you see a toot from me that's just a weird, probably truncated question, possibly with blanks in the middle, it's almost certainly a poll from twitter

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How is it possible that humans were able to build homes with stone age technology? How were they able to navigate zoning, permitting, and the environmental review process without the aid of modern technology? It boggles the mind.

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does anyone else feel like the memetic tactics of politicians are woefully out-dated?

where’s the senator twitch streamer

who’s doing tiktok dances on the steps of the capital?

gossip podcasts about the latest intra-party tiff?

I’ll vote for any only fans girl to be president

oh gods

riding up that hill on the way home from the dentist was a mistake

I'm dying

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your IDE should show how many hours you’ve put into it, like steam

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i think you kind of undermine your girl power message if you switch out the old george washington portrait (left) to a worse one designed by a woman (right)

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A common discussion goes like this:

- This general argument shows why accelerating AI progress creates existential risk
- That's too vague, explain concretely how it could happen.
- Ok, here's one specific scenario
- That's very unlikely, because every step is an assumption!

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Periodically blows my mind that we still can't just like have people not die. Absolute stone age energy.

who would be a greater flex to have in your list of past employers?

This keeps happening
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Always funny to recognize your favorite voice actors as random mooks in some video game

hmm I figured since all the other playstation exclusive ports were very good this one probably would be too but apparently it sucks? 🤔

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receiving word that the second question is something like "what are you passionate about"

dear god

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a Schelling point for those who seek one