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Reminder that if you see a toot from me that's just a weird, probably truncated question, possibly with blanks in the middle, it's almost certainly a poll from twitter

if twitter kills the bots, they will deprive me of my only source of new fox reaction pics

please act accordingly

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Do you be instinctively scrutinize closer or draw back from people you are physically attracted to because you worry that your attraction distorts your ability to find the truth || Do you do the above for people who are unusually persuasive writers

go ahead

stir a drink with your other hand

i dare you

I should probably eat something today besides a mealsquare and a glass of chocolate milk, huh

should I give undertale another shot? I played it for an hour a couple years ago and it didn't grab me

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Keenly aware of the ways in which she is deficient; ignorant of every reason that she might be valued.

it was advertised as not super sticky, I feel like, but that doesn't seem to be the case?

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when you lose weight something like >70% of the weight you lose by breathing it out

some of y'all are absolutely overfitting with your interoception

alright made the sugar wax and tested it a bit and yeah it hurts way less than the epilator

currently waiting for it to cool

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this has gotten completely out of hand and its going to be devastating when discord inevitably shutters

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Dreamix: Video Diffusion Models are General Video Editors

project page: dreamix-video-editing.github.i

present diffusion-based method that is able to perform text-based motion and appearance editing of general videos

type of guy who would never use an induction stove but buys an electric kettle because it's more efficient

on reflection I think even if this is true, it's fine

if you think it's a trick question, you probably weren't actually certain anyway

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@panchromaticity i think most people are saying no because it sounds like a trick question

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Given the opportunity, would you engage in a threesome with Grimes and Elon?

What gender do you more closely identify with?

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a Schelling point for those who seek one