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If you had to stay at one of these motels, which would you choose?
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is it safe to say i should just block anyone from

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I created a little landing page to help onboard normal people to the Fediverse.

The goal is not to list every single server, but rather direct newcomers to a small handful that would broadly appeal to most people (if I didn't include your server, sorry, nothing personal). This will hopefully make it easy for people who know nothing about the Fediverse to quickly choose a server that generally suits their moderation preferences without being overwhelmed by the number of options.

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Let's crowdsource some twitter to fedi exodus best practices.

Some ideas:

* Link your mastodon (or other fediverse) account(s) in your twitter bio.
* Post here first, twitter second.
* Prioritize engaging here.

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If you are looking for a good Mastodon client for iOS Toot! is amazing:

not sure how i feel about them being called "toots"


a Schelling point for those who seek one