it is frankly embarrassing to watch millennials get wildly defensive and combative about what *the media is reporting* Gen Z thinks of us

sorry you feel bullied by some TikTok trends, maybe find something better to care about? instead of lashing back at teenagers? just a thought

what's funny is how obvious it is that the Lola Bunny outrage isn't coming from the OG 4chan crowd because they KNOW that flat is justice

if Nicki Minaj had a threesome it would be a Minaj-a-trois

aaaand it's done! ended up using a round cake pan instead of a loaf pan b/c I had a LOT of bananas (& therefore a lot of batter) but not enough loaf pans

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ok it's in the oven :3 I added walnuts and pecans and chocolate chunks

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excellent thread 🧡
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alcohol is probably the most harmful drug in human history. individual drugs are more harmful but the widespread usage of it is catastrophic. it’s a factor in 40% of violent crimes and created an insane amount of domestic abuse.

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gf who just keeps installing arch linux on every piece of viable hardware in the house

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pronouncing malloc() as moloch to remind myself of the dark powers it wields

my new work laptop gets delivered today and I am beyond excited to finally get rid of this Chromebook and switch to a Macbook like a normal person

what would you do πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ
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Okay okay okay let’s pretend,
Let’s pretend that I’m hiding and and and,
I’ll jump out and and and,
And I’ll jump out and say,
I’ll say RAWR!

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a Schelling point for those who seek one