new strategy
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rolling into the gym in a bit looking like a feral cat & flopping onto my back to play-fight the first person who tries to interact with me

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deliberately using marijuana to strengthen your anxious, fearful parts so they can say their piece.

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*me in the girls chat* : no one is going use religion to talk to computers
you, an intellectual :

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Signed, a woman who absolutely won't do better and will regret this decision

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the honor walk for organ donors is one of the most moving rituals that our society sustains

work to maintain a healthy brainworm flora
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everyone seems to have them, maybe they serve a vital ecological purpose

maybe our attempts to get rid of them are like trying to kill all the bacteria in our gut

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"everything is infrastructure" but i see u all poasting MBTI, enneagrams, natal charts

poast national infrastructure rankings cowards

build automation is infrastructure
continuous integration is infrastructure
container orchestration is infrastructure

am I doing this right

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*points at terrifying ordeal of being know* being loved isn't infrastructure

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protip: if you see someone who seems to be having an antsy, edgy, anxious time, and you want to help them relax, saying "stop being so tense, be yourself, relax, chill" is IME consistently one of the worst things you can do. I've seen this play out hundreds of times, always bad

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a Schelling point for those who seek one