Smith is an egregore
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Everyone that has watched The Matrix knows the insidious figure of agent smith.

Smith was an Agent of the Matrix and the main antagonist of the series.

this is a pretty good data viz actually, the spiral allows them to
a. pack information more densely without sacrificing readability
b. colocate corresponding time periods, demonstrating periodicity

just bc their politics suck doesn't mean their tech does too
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literally no reason to make this graph into a spiral

while not w/o its pitfalls, the process of accessing vividness cracks one's mind open, letting the transcendent light shine thru, & the cultivation of centeredness uses that light to put the pieces back together, a spiritual kintsugi

you'll never be the same, but thats the point

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this book served as both a warning sign and a handbook, cautioning me against the protagonists fate, while also handing me the concepts I needed to grapple with these difficult questions; not an exaggeration to say it was lifechanging.

his followup, Lila, helped systematize this

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Quality is a characteristic systems can possess, an ineffable je ne sais quoi setting them apart. While typically treated like obscenity ("I know it when I see it") many have tried to pin it down, most notoriously Pirsig in the infamous Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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I find myself in this state often when my life is going well, when I've got my shit together and everything feels Right; a simple walk around the neighborhood becomes a veritable font of inspiration. I see beauty everywhere I look, absolutely churning out the photos of Quality

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this state is vivid centeredness, wherein one is fully within their body, their spirit balanced, and hence able to channel the transcendent directly; while possible to enter intentionally through these practice, one can also live their life in such a way they naturally emerge
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Even just random bits of the ground sparkle and come to life

technologists often make the mistake of ignoring the sociopolitical context of some problem and try to solve it entirely using technology

nontechnicals do the same thing, but in reverse, blaming technology for sociopolitical failures; where does this tendency stem from?
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I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes
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I snapped a photo of a group of people outside today. My iPhone replaced one woman’s head with a leaf. Rest of the photo is fine. No weird settings. I’ve never seen this before.

stepping into ur power by becoming ur own senpai is the only path to self-actualization; realizing that no one but urself is capable of giving you permission to embody ur divine aspect, releases u from seeking external validation
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I’ve been thinking about this re: the idea of “royal touch”. People still do this today with celebrities, hoping senpai will notice them

zen practitioners understand that the goal of practicing a zen art is simultaneously in the perception of the practice, and the pathway to the transcendent that opens up through the practice

passion and self-actualization is quite similar in structure
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This is literally the actualization of @jordanbpeterson’s message

PSA never meet your mutuals

interacting IRL will provide way too many data points, allowing them to simulate you in sufficient detail to craft painfully accurate burns

its infinite-resolution decision trees all the way down
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pov: you are trying to think about your future

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a Schelling point for those who seek one