language is but the shadows cast onto the wall of Plato's cave by the luminous manifold of meaning

any planar projection of a >=3D object inherently necessitates a dimensional reduction; the trick is to minimize lossiness thru salience preservation

in other words, choosing which parts to not cut out very wisely

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in a high-dimensional space, complex transformations are simple, linear; but when projected into a lower space, the same transformations are that much messier to represent

this is why the simplest way to solve a difficult problem often is to find the right higher representation

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we play word games, moving them around like Lego bricks, trying to find the right way to arrange them to make meaning

we call this process thinking, but we're merely playing w/ shadows; the move is to let go the symbolic representations & access the raw concepts directly

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a Schelling point for those who seek one