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There are few things, I deem, more likely to create, or set in stone, a firm resolution against the notion of public service or single-payer healthcare in these United States as the experience of applying for, or helping someone apply for, disability benefits.

Insofar as it becomes patently obvious within a matter of months... and months... and months... that the designed purpose of the system is to ensure that anyone not possessed of perfect health and inhuman sphexishness should give up in frustration and/or die of old age long before compelling the agencies of our public compassion to deliver a single red cent.

I have every confidence that a transition to such a system would greatly improve the statistics on health issues in the US, but sadly I have even greater confidence that such improvements would come about solely due to the greatly increased unrecorded death rate of those waiting for preliminary approval to provide more details to support their application for permission to approach a doctor for a determination of need for a preliminary diagnosis to come back from a PO Box somewhere in Minnesota.


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@cerebrate "...buried in soft peat for six months and recycled as firelighters".

("Wait. The form, or the applicant?")

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