This is what a mathematician sees when you number your list with lower-case Roman numerals. Sadly 4 and 6 clash, owing to commutativity.

Yes, this is a terrible joke. No, I'm not sorry.

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Question for Henry Georgists. If someone creates their own land (reclamation, seasteading, whatever) is that exempt from the tax? Since its "unimproved value" is nil (or at least de minimis).

And is this retroactive? The Fens? The Netherlands?

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New article on my website: The Structure of Moneys — why
is not a replacement for .

Unity, Tolerance, Democracy, Trump, and 46%.

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Intuitive way to understand the intermediate axis theorem: angular momentum is Iω but K.E. is ½Iω²; momentum is conserved but K.E. can dissipate; thus only max & min I are in equilibrium, and only max I (i.e. min K.E.) is long-term stable.

(This is not really rigorous, as it doesn't prove there aren't other stationary points of Iω̂, but it's close enough & helps to remember which axis is the stable one.)


a Schelling point for those who seek one