Nature suggests I cite people based on gender. Isn't that kind of... the opposite... of where we want to go?

Not sure who is getting trolled here, but this is a thing of beauty! 😂😂
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Thank you @sciam for publishing my article on the problematic nature of Star Wars and the term “Jedi”.

I am particularly grateful that I was allowed to use five pseudonyms, one for each of my genders.

Haha, nice! This one went to far!

Wondering, though, if you couldn't just refuse to use it. Like, students never agreed to it & it infringes on their basic rights. Uni shouldn't be allowed to do rectal searches either ("or else you can't take the exam bc who knows...")
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Remember @proctorio? They're the "remote proctoring" company that boomed during the pandemic by promising that they could stop exam cheating through gross…

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Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony....

What the loving...
I've watched this like 10 times now. This is grotesque!
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This footage will still be played in 100 years. It now joins images of the retreat from Saigon and the naked Vietnamese girl as one of the west’s most shameful moments in modern history.

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Calling all Gyronauts! Gyroscope is hiring a senior smart contract engineer and a lead front-end engineer. Email us at if you want more information!

🤔 If the tax only applies to her personal income (not the family's), this should also help with gender equality.
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Where my Hungarian ladies AT!!!!

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@paulg Behold... the Drawer of Infinite Donkeys.

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Gyroscope is hiring! We’re looking for a senior smart contract engineer and a lead frontend engineer. Come and join us to build the next generation stablecoin.

Senior smart contract engineer:
Lead frontend engineer:

I am very, very confused. I'm also 50:50 that I'm missing a level of irony here.

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Another flawed design for a stablecoin has failed and I’d like to explain why. This one is essentially the next iteration of basis/esd/esdv2/nubits so really this isn’t too surprising 🙃

Just found this gem. It's a real problem when not everything you say is recorded & made searchable all the time. - How are people gonna know (& prove!) if you actually said something bad??
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The term "accountability" is constantly used without any reference 'to whom' people/thing are accountable *to*

the concept means nothing without specifying what institution or value-system people have made any obligation to


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