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@kaschuta most people are doing cargo cult self actualization in their 20s, i was certainly no exception.

Crypto startup idea: social justice tokens. When you wanna claim that someone has done "harm" or that they have "harassed" someone & you have receipts, you have to buy a token. If you're right, you earn interest. If you're wrong, the token is lost.
What could possibly go wrong?!?

Rats/postrats relate to philosophy like how DeFi relates to the financial system.

In German, when someone just can't shut up about free markets, we call this Ayn Rant, and I think that's beautiful.

Now what does this imply?
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I'm pretty glad the first ai nudes generator I've seen seems to create pretty realistic bodies, as opposed to the porn variety

Kovan ETH for

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Wish there were as many experiments in how to fund science as there are governance experiments in crypto.

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Tracks where the object
produces a detection
are called active tracks

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This history of space toilets is it's own thing of beauty. youtu.be/w5y0mTqK54k

a) Hyperwokes arguing that sex (!) doesn't "really" exist & it's an unacceptable imposition to determine one at birth.

b) Transphobes arguing that trans people don't "really" exist & it's all just an elaborate fantasy we're taking part in.

What is going on?!

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How come we've chosen gender, of all things, as society's battlegrounds for epistemic scepticism?

Are we just all super self-conscious?

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stochastic search in the space of thought

- The Patriarchy (TM)
- Halitosis (at a grand scale)
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Propaganda lesson: "Weaponized Hypochondria"

Creating fear of a nonexistent enemy creates confirmation bias, making it seem to exist.

Then you fight it, and since you're the aggressor, it fights back.

Then it really seems to exist.

Quote tweet this with an example.

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@akbarpour_ What I am excited about is having all papers public access but Elsevier gets an NFT so they can "own the original".

NB that this is basically a cartel, and they operate *exactly* as you'd expect.

Wondering why ISPs participate in this. - Bans reduce the attractiveness of their service.

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I find it entirely reasonable that "hate speech" will soon be a reason for bans as well. - After all, AWS did that already, and they're just as private.

Remedies: encrypted DNS (as of yet), VPNs (putting you at the mercy of, at least, some other corp), TOR.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one