Nature suggests I cite people based on gender. Isn't that kind of... the opposite... of where we want to go?

Not sure who is getting trolled here, but this is a thing of beauty! 😂😂
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Thank you @sciam for publishing my article on the problematic nature of Star Wars and the term “Jedi”.

I am particularly grateful that I was allowed to use five pseudonyms, one for each of my genders.

Lol what?!?
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Provider-deleted files and contents are not protected by the Stored Comm's Act, DDC rules per MJ Faruqui. In effect, if a provider moderates contents, all private messages and e-mails deleted can be freely disclosed and are no longer private.


i have no house and i must clean

Wanted: Cyberpunk story where social ills don't arise from corporates' greed, but from their sheer incompetence in face of the complexity of a digital society. (the result being the same)

TIL that Facebook took effective measures against human trafficking after Apple threatened to prevent all iPhone users from using FB.

So that's.... good... I guess?

"He is more ill-conducted than the wild beasts of his barbarous homeland" - Tertullian on Marcion, and also my new favorite insult.

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Still a little time to get your Gyro 🧑‍🚀🐸 NFT, which can be your seat to participate in Gyro

Daily macro theory tweet.
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@brian_armstrong @jack only Bitcoins inflation rate is deflationary. New bitcoins get created every 10 minutes approximately. i'm sure you know this. @jack is correct. is the answer to op.

Part of me begins to think maybe it's actually a *bad* idea to replace one by the other?! 😱

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So I just listened to the WSJ's *shocking revelations* about Facebook's whitelist, and I almost feel like the actions of a private company cannot be held to the same standard as the rule of law in a modern democracy. 😱

I heard the Taliban are creating safe spaces at their universities by separating students by gender. Really appreciate that.

"Science doesn't care what you believe!

(Unless you're reviewing my paper, that is. In that case hail Morgoth!)"

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The common narrative is that kids learn faster than adults, but I’m not sure the difference is meaningful.

Watch any toddler. They spend nearly every waking minute on the edge of their ability and then sleep 12 hours.

If adults acted similarly they would be learning machines.

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Word of the day is 'blatteroon' (17th century): a babbler of nonsense.

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Agent Smith: Mr. thought you were redpilled....but actually...youll find.......yourr cucked and soymode.

Neo *strapped to chair*: No...

Agent Smith: You're cancelled, Mr. Anderson. You're triggered and mad online. And me? based.

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We are doing it again! Join the team for Office Hours tomorrow (Friday) at 2pm CET / 8pm SGT.

This week will be hosted by @sschuldenzucker and
@blockchaisin in the "office-hours" channel in the Discord. See you there!

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