Love how there's no risk b/c you can always claim your share of the insolvency estate in court. This will revolutionize finance!
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Ha, from the archives... I'm sure Sam & co won't mind me sharing... 🖕
We particularly enjoyed this part, extract from the full pitch doc.

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incredible performance art, troll Oscar winner, 10/10, no notes

So it took 14 years until crypto is in the same situation, for the same reasons, as the system it set out to replace.
DeFi largely still looks ok though.
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Crypto, as an ecosystem, is going to be in a much worse state Monday than it is popularly believed to be today.

Someone tell btc maxis they could've sold the tip and now have FOUR TIMES their bitcoin!

Two words: proof of veganism NFT.
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if you're a vegan because you believe animals can't consent then congrats u are allowed to say bestiality is wrong, I grant u a special badge, you are graciously welcome in my replies

Someone should go and securitize those trades. (market incompleteness, as usual, being the biggest problem here 🙃)
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People now withdrawing FTX balances by buying NFTs from Bahamian accounts for six- and seven-figure amounts, buyer then gets side payment and Bahamian withdraws funds

Tens of millions of Tether taken so far

Elon's first action was renaming "main" back to "master".
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@Suhail Word on the street is that he's committing directly to master.

Wow, crypto really does have a different culture there...
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I removed my post on Meta after someone shared feedback how much stress it's causing to current Meta employees.

I don't want to stress people working at companies for no good reason and don't want to share dramatic news. This is more important for me than anything else.

1. Wait why?! These are trad businesses.
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Additional thoughts on this fucking disaster:

1. regulators are going to come down EVEN HARDER on the entire industry
2. lots of celebs and influencers going to look like absolute morons with eggs on their face
3. amphetamines and vegetables are not performance enhancing

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@elonmusk "Going forward, any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying “parody” will be permanently suspended"

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@Aella_Girl The unexamined life is not worth living. - Socrates

Sorry but Elon would finish last in the oppression olympic. I don't think it's gonna work.
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@mrddmia Thank you.

A thermonuclear name & shame is exactly what will happen if this continues.

Probably an LF vs CRLF problem. They didn't have git set up right.
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code printouts making a lot more sense in retrospect. 100 lines per month holy shit

Started listening to @hubermanlab 's podcast (it's good, actually). Decided that Sunday is gonna be my "rest & digest" day AMA!

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Nietzsche finally being initiated in the Dionysian Mysteries

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