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Objects, not subjects. It makes no sense to ask what it is "like" to be an android.

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Your standard cyberpunk-esque human-android love story becomes much more interesting when you assume that androids are really *not* human and *just* machine: A void reflection, the product of engineering, not creation.

There are two assets, DUH and DUSD, and no reserves. A central mechanism monitors the market price of DUH and allows minting/redeeming 1 DUSD in exchange for 1/P(DUH) units of DUH.
By no-arbitrage, P(DUSD) = 1/P(DUH) * P(DUH) = 1.

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Came up with an algorithmic stablecoin design in my booster shot-induced fever dream. Sounds pretty great to me: 🤡

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Challenge VI is temporarily paused 🚧

If you didn't already pass Challenge VI, come back after the new year for the verifications to be running more smoothly 🎁

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Happy holidays from the Gyroscope community

Ok I'll bite. What is this second life everyone's talking about?

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@nosilverv Infohazard: think about adult supremacy as an analog to white supremacy

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Community update

1️⃣ Level 4 is live - more challenges will follow soon!

2️⃣ A new chance to join the DAO: Wave II of Level 3 is live as well

3️⃣ More than 8k accounts registered for the gov forum - this is great, but calls for more moderation

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Hint: turn the sound on for this, its worth it! 🎶

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Seems that the whole herd immunity thing was BS then?

As a non-expert I feel seriously mislead.

If the vaccines have very little effect on transmission, there really isn't an argument for vaccine mandates.

There might still be an argument for mask mandates though.

Naming of the new covid variant is just so offensive towards the memory of Werner Omicron, inventor of the Hächselmotor.

Mark Twain ate his frog first thing in the morning and became more amphibious than you can possibly imagine.
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Socrates ate the hemlock and became more poisonous than you can possibly imagine

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📣 DeFi researchers: submit your work to the 2nd DeFi Workshop @IFCA_Conference by Dec 5!

Last year's workshop was a huge success with great speakers and papers all around. DeFi research has grown a lot since! This year should be even better in person.

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Probability theory is for the weak-willed and indecisive, there are two probabilities that matter, 0 and 100, just tell me whether it’s going to happen or it isn’t, don’t be some kind of fancy coward

Seems to confirm a truism: it's usually better to choose an investment + hodl than trying to trick the market into giving you money.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one