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how does a ball of taro maximally profit from this unrest?

Can you dodge taxes with NFTs the way people do with art?

where are my tax attorneys at?

Thinking about finally just dollar cost averaging into BTC/ETH given the current price correction.

What's an appropriate split between the two? 80/20? 60/40? 50/50?

Reading about the McNeil-NYT situation makes my blood boil a bit.

Help me understand. How does the NYT leadership not understand what a shortsighted move this is to capitulate to the journalists who wanted his head? Why was it untenable to just let the incident blow over while paying some lip service?

Not gonna lie, it is not easy to post every day even if you make it a goal.

I don't understand how some people manage to toot/tweet 30+ times in a day - looking at people like @noahpinion, @mattyglesias who have over 100k tweets.

Granted, it's over 10 years but the consistency at which they spew their hot takes is still something to behold, even if the snr is low. It takes a certain shamelessness and perseverance to keep saying things even when no one appears to be listening.

Is there anything inaccurate in how Webull's CEO is explaining why they/robinhood/other brokerages have halted trading on the various wsb stocks?

TLDR: high volatility in the stock means that the brokerage's clearing house requires more collateral to settle a trade, which has gotten too expensive for robinhood/others to stomach

is there a good explanation for robinhood shutting down buying gamestop options, shares that is not of the form "citadel/the sec told them to stop, so they did"? That seems way too simplistic and doesn't really jive with how market makers make money.

Market makers profit whenever there is order flow by skimming off fractions of pennies on the transaction (in exchange for your order getting fulfilled faster) so halting trading is actually bad for them

It is kind of funny to see left-twitter get all up in their pants about $1400 checks instead of 2000. Yes, politicians should do what they say.
But also realize that what congress/potus can deliver is what they can negotiate with their colleagues. Perhaps it was a mistake to start the talks/proposal at 1400 bc now the amount can only go down from there.

hmm, is it in my interest to have the same handle here as I do on the blue bird site?

In some ways, pence should be thanking trump for saving his political career twice.

The first time was when Trump picked him to be his VP. Pence was destined to be an after thought after his governorship - no path forward with his complete lack of policy chops and charisma.
The second time is now: suddenly Pence is a hero for doing what any sane person would do. He even got a NYT puff piece out of this whole mess:

i feel like i've seen way fewer end of year retrospectives/resolutions this year than usual

bing really is much worse than google for real time searches. this is bing's top result for "vatican rome blackout"...

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it's incredible how much google trending searches tells us about humanity

how does a ball of taro maximally profit from this unrest?


a Schelling point for those who seek one