I don't know what this means but it might be relevant to know!!

i need to get better at taking photos of events so i can remember them!

Lion is tired!!! Lion hasn't had a proper sleep in seven days!!!

On reflection I'm noticing my SIL is a little judgemental/quick to judge. Which is hard to notice because she's so nice and has good empathy skills.

Good to notice these things so that you don't accidentally pick up someone else's frame.

Me and who? (I will be the human woman, and you can be the management consultant mansplaining math things to me)
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If you study mathematics as a human woman, a management consultant will no joke speak to you like this ???

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so here is my paypal link
@frideswyth was also kind to offer a discount as well but i would rather not put the burden on her only
if anyone is willing to help me 🙏🏻
i will accept it as a birthday gift twitter.com/shebloomsslow/stat

(to be clearer this is a hypothetical, and I'm just interested in your thoughts about how you have dealt/would deal with this topic!)

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Anyway the upshot is that I'm just not feeling the same way about the timeline as I was before the algorithm change.
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[Interested in people's opinions] Is it ok to talk to your long-term partner about becoming less attracted to them over time?

Holy shit in Regina Spektor's Summer in the City, "cleavage" is not just talking about boobs she's also singing about being "cleaved" from her partner!! 🤯

If I get some hair dye and figure out how to do face paint I am going to become the joker

If I were travelling around US, what's the best way to meet (interesting, ideally!) people?

Ways to meet people: Hostels, tour groups, joining a class, any other ideas?
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I think overall this whole thing is pushing me to "just stay in New York, it is a nice (albeit expensive) default, and just follow your heart even if it says to just stay at home and read all day".

I might try to find people at vibecamp or …

[Interested in people's opinions] Is it ok to talk to your long-term partner about becoming less attracted to them over time?

You see a dating app profile mentioning Taylor Swift like in the images in the next tweet. This makes you more or less interested in dating them?

(If absolutely no change, remember they could have written something else, so you probs should update A BIT)

I have a new jacket and I feel so pretty wearing it 🥰

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bump - if you interact with either tweet i will invite you to the planning gc thing :3 twitter.com/kaisoapbox/status/

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