now i'm thinking about the difference between wanting to do something and enjoying doing something

please give me examples of things you either enjoy doing but don't want to do or things you want to do but don't enjoy doing
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me immediately before cleaning the dishes: "god i hate cleaning the dishes so much ugh"

me while cleaning the dishes: "yeah this is fine, nothing really objectionable about this activity, kinda fun…

want/don't enjoy:
some addictive video games
reading bad webfiction
scrolling through twitter
engaging in culture war

don't want/enjoy:
cooking (for myself, i find it easy to cook for a group)
reading difficult/serious things
prepping for d&d

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for me 'wanting' is like a sort of compulsion, like i slowly just find myself doing things i don't particularly enjoy because even though the fun reward is small it's fast and takes barely any effort

but the effortful stuff requires me to actually work for my fun

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and the hard stuff *really is* a lot more fun! every time i go, "dang i should do this more often"!

maybe all those people complaining about how the internet has destroyed our attention span were right after all

or maybe i just need a social group to enforce doing high-effort/high-reward things?

this worked well when i was a kid, then i never really figured out how to get a good social group to keep the momentum

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