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This statement shall not
be construed to condone child
abuse or neglect

why do people argue about "is [thing] created or discovered?"?

where [thing] = math, art, ideas, etc

it seems less useful then even other philosophy questions, doesnt really impact anyones work, and also carries some false assumptions (creation and discovery as mutually exclusive activities)

i have ventured out into the wilds of the fediverse, and have concluded that in order to fit in i must either learn german or become trans, possibly both

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alright, schelling.pt has existed for a bit, so i figure some of yall have to have figured out some good posters outside of it (and extropian.net)

who are they?

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The Cistercian numeral system; an ancient alternative to Arabic and Roman numerals where a single glyph could represent any number from 1 to 9999.

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no words, just flowers blossoming in a divine manner

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I wholeheartedly reject the corrosive ingroup/outgroup mentality! We should use goodgroup/badgroup instead. This more clearly highlights that my group is not good simply by virtue of being the one I'm in, but that it is good in a more objective sense.

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some maybe useful questions:
-what would you consider evidence that things are getting better in the world?
-what sorts of events might act as a "trigger" for you to take actions in the direction of optionality, play, relaxation, fearlessness?

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-artists are allowed to be much hornier than everyone else

nudes are good, but only as Art, apparently

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-there is far more art than anyone will ever be able to look at in their lifetime

like, a lot more

memento mori i guess

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a Schelling point for those who seek one