i just did Drugs

(took .5 mg of melatonin)

my striver brainworms are mostly gone but i kinda miss them

might fuck around and get some more

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i have Striver brainworms and used to spend hours reading about How To Be Productive (while spending no time Actually Being Productive)

it took a couple months for the irony to sink in

i thought i was being high-leverage before i realized that i was, in fact, Lazy twitter.com/imhinesmi/status/1

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Software freedom in the 21st century.

(Maybe a list of problems to be addressed)

A thread.

i've made my bed, now i have to lie in it

this isn't a metaphor my bed is extremely comfy

it's a terrible idea, with negligible benefit

but it calls to me

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somebody stop me from making an anki deck with pronunciations for every IPA symbol

performing fecal transplants to give myself better brainworms

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what if our problems are just because we have bad brainworms and we could have good ones instead

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on the care and feeding of brainworms

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everyone seems to have them, maybe they serve a vital ecological purpose

maybe our attempts to get rid of them are like trying to kill all the bacteria in our gut

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wow you can just buy pretty paintings and comfy rugs and nice smelling candles to make your living area look and feel and smell nicer


occasional reminder to stretch your sore muscles

i feel like i just killed somebody but i don't know who they are

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you ever have a dream about imaginary people with whole elaborate life stories

and then wake up and forget all about them

turns out firefox has a setting where you can change the default text and bg color, i had it set to night mode but it turns out the site uses my default text color but *not* my default bg color

easily fixable for most of the test but not for the timed anagram section

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seems about right

circumstances make me think its a bit low (was doing this while eating, somewhat tired)

the ratio of how good this tea smells to how good it tastes is a tragedy

almost as bad as coffee

or maybe i just need a social group to enforce doing high-effort/high-reward things?

this worked well when i was a kid, then i never really figured out how to get a good social group to keep the momentum

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and the hard stuff *really is* a lot more fun! every time i go, "dang i should do this more often"!

maybe all those people complaining about how the internet has destroyed our attention span were right after all

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a Schelling point for those who seek one