honestly. im very happy that i was born a man instead of a woman. women have it worse off

sure i *might* get drafted to die in a war and ought to be the breadwinner. but
• i get 0 sexual harrasment
• no one projects their shit on me
• no one assumes i'm incompetent in anything

despite this, you get guys who think women have it better smfh (mainly due to women having more legal rights, & more sexual power)

how shitty does your life have to be to hate your own gender lol

(this toot is a minefield of hazards. but its quiet here so should be ok. nice to experiment)

@AbstractFairy In general, "people have lots of different kinds of shitty experiences" is a good guiding principle.

@AbstractFairy I suspect men and women just get different shit projected on them, not none/all.

@WomanCorn yeah, some guys get the image of "he will solve all my problems alone and stoically" projected onto them which genuinely is shit especially if the guy adopts it too

but it seems to me that this is rarer. i feel like i havent met a woman who hasnt vented about being a woman

i have met men who vented about women, and about life, but never about being men

@AbstractFairy Men vent about invisibility, how much others don't notice them, etc.

One doesn't hear about this because of course, they're invisible. No platform, no friends. No community. That's the whole problem.

@aquarial !!!!

i hadnt considered that! but yeah you're right. "no one gives a fuck about men" basically.

if the problem is constrained solely to needing to be seen then i think that can be solved smh. i've kinda lost the need for validation / feeling seen

if the problem is that you need help, then you're fucked unless you have close friends and family that you can rely on

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