Sometimes a misphrased question reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of the domain that needs to be addressed before any meaningful conversation can even begin. Sometimes it's a verbal typo.

Would I rather be rude or risk being misunderstood?

I wish to be blessed by neither quick wit nor quick stupidity

Kinda a shame that guns, mortars, bows , etc are impossible to ban. The aesthetics of melee warfare is so much better.

Ranged assassination are lame. Commanders should be on the frontlines in royal battle dress. VIPs should be able to meet anyone up to 10 ft away without worrying about getting shot.

We deserve lifesized battlebot mechas tactically ramming each other instead of tanks just firing salvos.

Wisdom is hindsight about the present?

> A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.

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There's a likeness between hindsight and wisdom.

People are wiser about their past, they realize what's relevant and what wasn't such a big deal after all.

People are too eager to call themselves a shape rotator when they can't even rotate their feet in a waltz.

Put down the children's toy cubes and start rotating your hip joint through it's full range of motion

People can't explain things they already know. I don't know anything, so I can explain everything I think.

The idea of Buddhist festivals is funny. "On this day we make paper lotus lanterns".

Lost track of the plot

Tough call, but imo net negative to allow automatic cross posting from twitter

It adds content, allows twotter users to gradually move, but at the expense of making this place a bottom feeder ecosystem, feeding from the trails left through Twitter.

Sad to follow an account, interact a little and realize it's a ghostly after image

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Each nervous system doesn't really know what kind of body it's growing up in. Has to adapt, listen to feedback.

Stretching to become more flexible. Ligaments don't know how long they should be. Don't even know if they're walking on four legs or two. Or if an injury forces onto three. Stretching adapts, holding a painful stretch communicates "must be longer".

Making the earring in always correct is so overpowered.

Most people would take an earring that just wastes your time, as long as it reduces decision making. (soap operas, let's plays, chat podcasts, video games)

Most people uh, includes me. Not sure how to change this at a deeper level

It's the same dystopia as Pandora.

Enforcing a static world, whether through hypnosis, drugs, and fetal alcohol or by direct neuro overrides through hair braid neurons by a planet god

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Brave New World is definitely a dystopia, just not a traditional one.

It's an attractor spiral, where everyone is engineered to be content with the status quo, so nothing will change.

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a Schelling point for those who seek one