@root ...can't believe i never noticed that "monopoly" sounds like an oxymoron until this video lol

i hate the feeling of being too stressed to enjoy pretty music

"2023 is the current year in parts of the world where the time zone is UTC−05:00 or later"

somebody is on the ball at wikipiedia, keeping it accurate through every moment of the transition


@TetraspaceGrouping I realize this doesn't make sense from an EV perspective but I just split my donations whenever I feel like this.

At the moment that means I donate to GiveWell Max Impact + MIRI. (Intending to get around to adding GWWC donor lottery sooner or later)

@delca If I understand you correctly: What you're missing is that he isn't proposing a strategy here.

He is aware that there's no way for everyone to suddenly stop developing the dangerous technology.

That's what he's complaining about: the local incentive is for everyone to defect, so everyone will defect.

Unfortunately, your strategy (the West defecting), fails to prevent everyone from dying. He's not proposing a solution; his expressing despair at the insolvability of the problem.

radio.garden/ is a neat website where you can listen in on local radio stations all over the world.


a Schelling point for those who seek one